Chapter 101 - The Black Ox Departs
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 101 - The Black Ox Departs

Li Qingshan did not even have the strength to answer anymore. The path ahead of him was filled with wind and snow. It seemed endless. He could only cling onto a single thought and continue climbing upwards.

Xuanyue suddenly whispered in his ear, “Sorry, meowster has dragged you down.” Her arms let go powerlessly, falling towards the snowy, windy abyss. Her eyes were firmly shut, and she was at peace. She even smiled slightly.

Li Qingshan extended his right hand instinctively, grabbing her icy hand.

He could not let go. However, having lost his right hand, he was unable to advance any further up the icy face. The coldness invaded his body now that he had stopped, and his blood flow gradually slowed down.

He was several thousand meters from the ground. Even for him, falling down would shatter every bone in his body.

In the violent snowstorm, he finally let out a mad, hysteric howl, like a beast trapped in a hopeless situation.

Within the snowstorm, two specks of light drew closer. A figure climbed up quickly.

Xiao An leapt up and grabbed Xuanyue, clinging onto Li Qingshan’s back.

There was no need for them to talk. Li Qingshan’s lips had already become frozen. With his right arm freed, he continued to climb up.

The top suddenly appeared to the seemingly endless ice face. As it turned out, he was only a few dozen meters away from the top now.

A large hand grabbed the edge of the cliff firmly. Li Qingshan pulled himself up with everything he had. His body had already run out of strength. He forcefully propped himself up and touched Xuanyue’s face with trembling hands. They were ice-cold.

There was no heartbeat in her chest.

She was already dead.

Li Qingshan suddenly burst out into tears. A streak of light pierced through the snowstorm, and the Soaring Dragon Elder appeared on the top of the cliff. His face was pale, and his clothes were in tatters. When he saw Xuanyue on the ground, it only confirmed his suspicions. His Starfall was not something an ordinary Daemon General could withstand.

But just in case, he still ru

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