Chapter 100 - Climbing the Ice Sword Cliff
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 100 - Climbing the Ice Sword Cliff

Li Qingshan caught her. His mouth was open, but he was unable to say anything.

The tornado roared furiously, slamming into the Soaring Dragon Elder and smashing him into the ground, firmly pressing him down. It spun downwards like a drill, destroying and shattering the tough, icy ground and kicking up clouds of dust.

The tornado went from being a white dragon of snow to a black dragon of earth.

Boulders collapsed in the ravine as soil was thrown around.

Gu Yanying’s face was completely sunken. She had rushed over here as soon as she received news from the rat king of Black Rat mountain, but she had never thought she would still be a step too slow. She stared firmly at the ground that the tornado drilled into. “Take her away!”

It was impossible for Golden Core masters to be killed so easily. She was confident she could take him on easily in an individual battle, without losing the upper hand at all, but protecting the two of them would be basically impossible.

Light emerged from the deep hole the tornado created. Several dozen streaks of light immediately tore the tornado to pieces. The Soaring Dragon Elder rose up, enveloped in a ball of protective light.

“Gu Yanying, you can’t stop me!” A sliver of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. As it seemed, forcefully enduring the attack was quite painful. However, the resolve in his eyes was like a finely forged weapon. It was unstoppable.

“Quit boasting!” Gu Yanying was infuriated as well. “Heavenly Dance of a Hundred Dragons!” With a swing of her fan, a hundred tornados surged over from various directions and various angles, all heading towards the Soaring Dragon Elder.

Everything that blocked the tornados were torn to shreds. They left behind deep markings on the ground and rock faces. The trees that were as wide as several men would be completely uprooted, sucked into the tornados and ripped to pieces.

At that moment, sand was swept into the air as mountains collapsed, and the ground cracked. It seemed like the end of the world.

The Soaring Dragon Elder became e

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