Chapter 60: Profane
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 60: Profane

At the beginning of the world, there was chaos. Chaos gave birth to the world, accumulating into yin and yang and the five elements, creating the world’s laws and the order of heaven and earth.

This was the explanation of chaos his adopted father had given him in the Chaotic Art, it was astonishingly similar to the chaotic blood the Purple Lightning Qilin mentioned.

A layer of transparent light appeared on Feng Xiao’s right hand, that’s right, unbelievable transparent light.

The Chaotic Art’s first layer allowed him to inject life force into her. But before this, he had to find the reason why her life force was quickly draining.

He gently placed his palm onto Xi Ruo’s head and the transparent chaotic power slowly entered her body.

Xi Ruo’s body trembled as she felt that she had suddenly entered a colourful world. It was slow, but the colour gradually dimmed until it completely disappeared. As for her, she had unknowingly lost consciousness.

The five slender fingers went over her slender nose, her fragrant lips, and her jade neck. Feng Xiao carefully felt the changes coming from his hand.

He softly held her breast and that beautiful feeling from his hand made Feng Xiao lose his mind for a second. He never thought that Xi Ruo’s delicate appearance was hiding such a large pair of breasts. His hand could only hold half of it and the soft feeling from it made it seem like water would come out just by softly pinching it.

Feng Xiao secretly cursed himself and quickly suppressed his thoughts. Suddenly, there was an abnormal feeling coming from her heart.

Feng Xiao’s mind focused and he quickly surrounded this suspicious object with chaotic qi, determining that it shouldn’t appear here. There was a slight change with his finger and the long thing slowly became smaller until it disappeared into thin air.

Feng Xiao took back his right hand. He had a serious expression as he opened his hand, looking at the strange thing’s form.

Being in the Chaotic Art’s first layer, he could make very small things into a void state and slowly turn it back to its original form. This was already heaven defying and shocking enough.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

This was an ability that shouldn’t belong to this world.

A thing that looked like a silkworm that was three centimeters long and had a layer of faint white light around it appeared in his hand, only it no longer moved.

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