Chapter 59: Yang Xi Ruo
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 59: Yang Xi Ruo

This was a space that wasn’t too big, but it was very neatly taken care of. The faint medicinal smell in the air made Feng Xiao slightly knit his brows.

“Just who are you?” Yang Ao Tian’s expression became sinister because when the other side came in, he didn’t even have time to stop him.

An expert among experts!

“Have the unrelated person leave, I want to talk to you along.” Feng Xiao lazily leaned on the sofa as he looked at the middle aged woman to the side before closing his eyes. There was a vague strange aura around her that made him feel very uncomfortable.

Yang Ao Tian didn’t say anything and gave a cold snort as he watched the other side’s every moves. After half a minute, the middle aged woman tactfully said, “You talk, I’ll go buy some groceries.”

There was only the two of them left in the room. One of them had his eyes closed and the other had an fluctuating expression. The atmosphere was strangely calm.

Countless thoughts flashed in Yang Ao Tian’s mind. The other side was clearly more skilled than him, he couldn’t see through him at all.

Who was this person? Why did he know his name? Also how did he find this place?

Could it be his little sister had him come?

Yang Ao Tian immediately overruled this idea.

Finally, Feng Xiao stretched himself out and slightly opened his eyes, looking like he just woke up. Seeing the sinister looking Yang Ao Tian by the door, his eyes suddenly lit up as if he finally saw him.

“Oh, oh, isn’t this brother Yang, what are you standing for? Come, come, let’s sit and talk.”

Feng Xiao was very intimate like he was the master of this place, offering a seat and pouring tea.

Yang Ao Tian’s face twitched a few times. He resisted the urge to smash him onto the floor as he heavily sat down in front of Feng Xiao.

“Tell me your goal!”

Feng Xiao gave a lazy yawn and said in a distracted voice, “Do you think I want to come? This is a place that is like bird shit that I would never come to.”

“No one asked you to come.” Yang Ao Tian disdainfully said, but the guard in his heart slightly relaxed. This was a man who didn’t have any danger around him.

“How do you know no one asked me to come? If it wasn’t to save you little sister who is about to die, I would never come such a long way even in eight hundred years.” Feng Xiao said with an aggrieved look.

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