Chapter 56: Asura’s Eye
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 56: Asura’s Eye

Cutting down two Undead Mages, the owners of the footsteps appeared in front of me. It was actually a warrior in heavy armour carrying a shield and an iron hammer.

Undead Knight: Level 38

HP: 5500

A knight formed from death qi, it can use all the skills of a normal knight of the same level.

Innate Skills:

Undead Body: Gives 30% death resistance, cannot be instant killed. Has an added 1% chance of instant death to attacks which increases to 2% when below 20% HP.

Skills: Hot Blooded Strike, Heavy Hammer Smash, Song of Protection, Heavy Shield Bash.

“Ding, congratulations to player Wind Spirit, your skill ‘Eye of the Soul’ has reached level 2 and evolved into the ‘Soul’s Eye’.”

“Ding, your ‘Soul’s Eye’ has combined with the strength of the Asura, giving birth to the Unique Asura Skill, ‘Asura’s Eye’.”

Evolution? Combination? Feng Xiao quickly opened the stats of the ‘Asura’s Eye’.

Asura’s Eye: Lost ancient soul magic. Currently not completely awakened and only a portion of its powers can be used.


Open Heavenly Eye: Can see through the surrounding area and the stats of all monsters, players, and NPCs that are less than 30 levels higher than the user, as well as having a chance to notice their weaknesses. No MP cost.

Asura’s Eye: Formed from the combination of the ancient soul magic ‘Soul’s Eye’ and the Asura’s power, has a strange ability.

Effects: With the Asura’s killing intent, sends out looks of intimidation and arrogance, causing the defense of all targets to drop by 10% and has a chance to cause a state of fear. When used against players, there is a large chance they will fall into a state of ‘endless fear’.

A powerful skill.

Discovering weaknesses?

Feng Xiao looked at the stats of the Undead Mages and Undead Knights again.

Undead Mage: …..Fears light and fire damage. Light Resistance -50% and Fire Resistance -30%.

Undead Knight: …..Fears light and fire damage. Light Resistance -50% and Fire Resistance -30%.

The newly opened Heaven’s Eye accurately found the weaknesses of these monste

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