Chapter 55: Death God’s Tomb’s third floor
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 55: Death God’s Tomb’s third floor

Feng Xiao disregarded the old appraiser’s face that was livid from the stomach of anger he didn’t dare vent and walked out of the appraisal shop.

Two Guild Formation Tokens, how should he take care of it.

“Big brother, can you give me one Guild Formation Token?” Feng Yao’s voice came from the communication device. Feng Xiao had already told her about the matter of him obtaining two Guild Formation Tokens.

“If the good Yao’er wants anything, of course your best big brother in the world will give it to you, but…..Could it be you want to establish a guild?” Feng Xiao asked in a curious voice. He was very clear on his little sister, she didn’t play games before and didn’t have too many friends, establishing a guild for her would be like a general without an army.

“Un…..” Feng Yao softly replied. There was a strange taste to her gentle voice.

“Alright, I’ll give it to you when you come to Heavenly Dragon Royal City! Good, Yao’er, work hard!” It was just a Guild Formation Token, it’s good that Yao’er is happy.

If Feng Xiao’s thoughts were known by the bosses of those gangs, they would have thrown him into the latrines.

“Un! Big brother, I’m going to do the quest first. I’ll look for big brother soon!”

Hanging up the call, Feng Xiao continued to ponder…..

He would give one to his little sister to play, so how should he take care of the other one…..Xiao Tian and Chen Bing definitely will not establish a guild…..

A flash of inspiration came to Feng Xiao as an evil plan appeared in his mind. He couldn’t help giving evil laughs.

It was unknown which rich guild would be unlucky.


Spirit Protection Shield: Immortal Equipment

Requirement: Level 30 Knight.

An Immortal Grade shield crafted from Immortal Cloud Stone. It has been gradually affected by the death qi in the Death God’s Tomb over ten thousand years.

Effect: Defense +500, HP +300, Strength +30, Vitality +30, reduces physical damage and magical damage by 50, 20% chance to block attacks, 15% resistance for the seven major attributes, and 30% resistance

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