Chapter 53: Delicate Rou Rou
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 53: Delicate Rou Rou

With a flash of white light, one man and woman appeared in Heavenly Dragon Square.

“Brother, this is Heavenly Dragon Imperial City? It looks quite magnificent.” The girl had a white veil covering her face, but there were a pair of excited eyes looking over everything.

The man’s stiff face revealed a trace of a smile. His little sister’s happiness was his greatest joy.

Although most players were out leveling, the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City’s giant square was still packed with people. Yang Ao Tian was carefully protecting his little sister, blocking waves after waves of people.

In the square, there were five giant magical screens. Yang Ao Tian’s eyes were staring at one name on the level rankings like a poisonous snake, gripping his hands so tightly that they began to crack.


These three low and cold words seemed like they came from hell and the surrounding people couldn’t help shivering. Yang Xi Ruo looked at her big brother, but didn’t interrupt him. She knew that her big brother would listen to her on anything, just not this.

Yang Xi Ruo looked at the “Wild Demon Wolf” Yang Ao Tian was looking at before revealing a look of pain and hatred.

Just what kind of crime would make this pure as snow young girl reveal this kind of hatred.

“Big brother.” Yang Xi Ruo softly pulled Yang Ao Tian’s arm, “Quickly go and Change Jobs…..”

“Un.” Yang Ao Tian came back to his senses. He lovingly looked at his little sister and said, “Xi Ruo, what Job do you like?”

“I want to pick my favourite, the gardener Job. I’ll be able to see various kinds of flowers every day like this…..” Yang Xi Ruo’s eyes were filled with excitement and expectation.

Yang Ao Tian’s heart filled with pain as he silently nodded.

“Big brother, I won’t need to burden you any longer.” Yang Xi Ruo’s voice was filled with guilt. If it wasn’t for the fact he was helping her reach level 10, her big brother would have changed Jobs already.

This was because Yang Xi Ruo simply did not have the mind to kill monsters to level at all.

Yang Ao Tian’s face became solemn and he said in an angry voice, “You can’t say this kind of nonsense in the future. We are family members, what being a burden!”

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