Chapter 51-52: Emperor’s wisdom
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 51-52: Emperor’s wisdom

“Ding, welcome to the «Rebirth» world, have a fun time playing.”

After eating breakfast, the two siblings entered the game together, working hard for the goal their adopted father set for them.

The Heavenly Dragon square was packed with people. Feng Xiao pushed through the crowd and rushed for his Feng House.

“Wa, is that person an assassin? How does he run that fast?” A passerby saw Feng Xiao’s shocking speed and spoke out.

“Che~how could there be such a fast assassin? It should be an NPC…..” Another passerby looked like he was looking at an idiot.

“Oh, that should be right.” The first passerby agreed.

“Young master, you’re finally back.” Seeing Feng Xiao come back, Rou Rou quickly came to greet him with an anxious look in her eyes.

“Un, Rou Rou, what matter is this urgent?”

“Young master, the emperor sent someone to find you half an hour ago, it seemed to be important.” Rou Rou secretly looked at Feng Xiao as she spoke.

“The emperor is looking for me? Alright, I’ll go in a bit.” It wouldn’t be another hidden quest, right? It seems like good luck can’t be stopped, Feng Xiao secretly praised himself.

Feng Xiao looked at Rou Rou with evil eyes and said in a strange voice, “Do you fear me?”

“Ah? I, I…..Why would I fear the young master.” Rou Rou’s fingers grabbed the hem of her clothes and spoke in a bit of an incoherent voice. Was she afraid? It seems like she wasn’t. Was she not afraid? But she was always bullied by him.

“It’s good you’re not afraid!” Seeing the ripples in Rou Rou’s eyes, Feng Xiao gave a laugh as he walked through the main hall. Rou Rou unconsciously hugged her chest and only when Feng Xiao walked past her did she put her hand down and let out a sigh of relief.

Feng Xiao that walked ahead suddenly turned back and held out his arms, accurately grabbing Rou Rou’s two soft bundles. He pulled on the erect tip before walking into the inner room with a villainous smile, leaving behind a panicked Rou Rou.

“The NPC beauties are truly incredible. The shape of their breasts, it’s simply perfect!” Feng Xiao felt that he was very much like a beast. Rou Rou’s shy appearance was just too stimulating, it always turned him into a beast.

Feng Xiao opened his communication device and called “Yao Dreams of Loving Winds”.

“Yao’er, are you doing your quest? That emperor wants to see me and I’m a bit suspicious that he wants me as his son-in-law.” Feng Xiao had a proud expression.

“Un, good luck big brother. I can’t talk anymore, I need to solve the problem of this sleeping black bear.”

Pa, the call ended.

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