Chapter 316: Prank quest!?
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 316: Prank quest!?

Feng Xiao nodded, “I believe in master Tie Wu Ya, but just what is this ‘transform’ attribute?”

“I don’t know.” Tie Wu Ya shook his head, “The stats of a Super Sacred Grade Gem, how could they be something that we mortals understand? Little brother Wind Spirit, which piece of equipment do you want to mount this on?”

His hands couldn’t help unconsciously rubbing together. The Heavenly Profound Fantasy Jade and the Sacred Heavenly Fate Stone, one Super Sacred Grade and one Sacred Grade, each one was something that people could go their entire lives without seeing. Now that they were glowing in his hands, he already couldn’t wait any longer. The excitement that filled his heart was something that people couldn’t understand.

With a flash of golden light, the Xuanyuan Sword appeared in his hand and added a bit of golden light to this hut. He asked in a soft voice in his mind, “Wan’er, is it alright?”

When he asked this, Feng Xiao’s expression turned stiff. Just what he asked was like what a man would ask if he was taking a woman’s first time.

“No problem! I am the Xuanyuan Sword’s sword spirit, the ethereal sword soul. As long as the Xuanyuan Sword isn’t destroyed, I won’t be injured at all. Moreover, I really want to experience the mysteries of a Super Sacred Grade Gem.” Xuanyuan Wan’er said with a smile.

“Alright.” Feng Xiao’s heart relaxed. He handed the Xuanyuan Sword to Tie Wu Ya, “Help me mount it to this sword.”

The Xuanyuan Sword’s stats had a clear description that it couldn’t be traded. The only exception was when Xuanyuan Wan’er agreed.

When Feng Xiao called out the Xuanyuan Sword, Tie Wu Ya was already attracted to this strange golden glow. That was because he could tell that this wasn’t the glow of a Gold Weapon and his inquisitive eyes had fallen on it without looking away.

Holding the Xuanyuan Sword in his hands, Tie Wu Ya narrowed his eyes. He revealed a stunned look for a long time before turning to Feng Xiao with a strange look, “What material is this sword made from? I can’t recognize it at a

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