Chapter 271: Intelligent girl
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 271: Intelligent girl

Thinking of the large experience from the level 50 Heavenly Water Turtle Emperor that raised him five levels, Feng Xiao’s blood couldn’t help boiling. Once the idea of killing the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast appeared, it couldn’t be stopped. The experience from a level 50 Immortal Beast was that high, then the experience from a level 60 Immortal Beast would be more incredible!

Immortal Beasts were rare and one could only meet them and not ask for them. Other than Feng Xiao, it was impossible for others to find them, let alone wish for them. That was because an Immortal Beast for players right now was considered invincible!

Feng Xiao had this idea naturally because he had absolute confidence in killing it. With Bao Bao by his side and with her “Angel’s Elegy” along with the Beast King’s Roar, the Time Domain, and the Xuanyuan Sacred Flames, he could kill the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast before it could even react with Dominating the World. Bao Bao’s level would drop, but it would also increase by several times at once.

“Bao Bao, hold on. We’re going to bully a powerful monster.” Feng Xiao laughed as he had Xiao Bai charge into the Stalactite Cave.

“Un! With big brother Asura here, nothing will happen to me.” Bao Bao revealed an excited look, but she didn’t look worried at all.

As he approached the Stalactite Cave, Feng Xiao used the “Spiritual Wind” and the “Absolute Shadow” at the same time. Xiao Bai charged forward like an arrow, creating a howling wind.

What concept was 2932 move speed?

A player’s starting move speed was 30. 30 represented the fastest speed that a normal player could move at, which was equal to the speed of a normal person running. Xiao Bai’s 2932 speed was close to a hundred times greater than that! If this was measured in terms of the real world, then Xiao Bai’s speed would be around 300 meters per second! That was close to supersonic speed!

This was the horror of “Absolute Shadow”, even a trace couldn’t be seen! If this speed was used for guerilla warfare, it woul

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