Chapter 270: The fate of provoking Asura
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 270: The fate of provoking Asura

Feng Yao was his reverse scale that couldn’t be touched and his greatest taboo. He never let anyone who made her unhappy go. Killing him just now was just the beginning of venting his anger……now this person had touched another one of his taboos.

Seeing the white light of the resurrection point, Feng Xiao’s lips revealed a cold look. As long as they were in the resurrection point, all players would be invincible. This place could be considered the safest place on the entire Heavenly Dragon Continent.

But……that was only for a normal person!

The eyes that were aimed at him became colder and it made his heart sink. There was a blood red halo that quickly came from Asura that instantly appeared in front of him.


In front of everyone’s eyes filled with disbelief, the man in the resurrection point lost all his HP from this blood red halo. He fell to the ground with a stunned look as he dropped several potions and a piece of Silver Equipment. In an instant, he reappeared in the resurrection point with a flash of white light, but his expression was completely frozen.

The crowd stirred. Incomprehensible, unimaginable, unbelievable, these words once again appeared in the hands of the Asura.

Feng Xiao revealed a smile as his face still looked dark. With the Absolute Heaven’s protection, the 90% HP cost of the “Asura Soul Self Destruction Killing Blow” was completely ignored. He could release this Asura’s skill that could ignore all defenses in this world at will right now!

“Asura!!! You……”

Peng! -25112!

Peng! -25112!

Peng! -25112!


The man fell once again and when he stood up, he didn’t even get a chance to speak. There was a strong feeling of hatred and grievance that ripped his heart apart again and again. He gradually no longer tried to struggle and his eyes even slowly started to turn a bit empty.

Peng! -25112!

With the last piece of equipment that dropped, there was only the white underwear that was left that blocked the most important spot. This arrogant man that had a high status that co

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