Book 07 Chapter 012: A Troublesome Senior Sister
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 07 Chapter 012: A Troublesome Senior Sister

“Ah! So, you’re from the hidden world. Since you are here for Jixia Academy’s entrance exam, follow me.” Chen Heng noticed that after the receptionist realized they were from the hidden world, her smile disappeared.

There was no more need for pretense.

“Please lead the way, then,” Chen Heng responded, knowing full well they couldn’t just wander around. Although Chen Heng was familiar with the area, his details weren’t recorded in the Special Affairs Bureau’s system, and unauthorized movements would trigger alarms.

“You’re welcome. Honestly, I find people from the hidden world easier to communicate with, even though some are a bit twisted. At least they know quite a bit. These newly awakened silver ability users speak with such arrogance, thinking they’re so important. If it weren’t for the Special Affairs Bureau’s strict rules against exposing the hidden world and prohibiting the use of force, I’d have taught them a lesson so harsh they wouldn’t recognize themselves—a bunch of unlucky fools! They’re not strong, yet they’re so brash, and they dare to strut around here without any significant connections or background. They’re the epitome of ‘Ignorance is bliss.’” Clearly, this receptionist harbored immense resentment, complaining about silver ability users as she guided Chen Heng and his group.

“I’ve heard that these silver ability users are pretty good at causing trouble. Is that right?” Chen Heng had not wasted his time while at the Special Affairs Bureau headquarters a few days ago. He had delved into many records and copied some information. He even glanced at the Special Affairs Bureau’s cases—don’t ask, it’s just an occupational habit of his from before his re:life. Eighty percent of the cases from the past two years involved silver ability users.

“Ah! Yes, ever since the Spiritual Energy Resurgence, the number of silver ability users has skyrocketed, along with the troubles they cause. Whoever started this Spiritual Energy Resurgence nonsense? Spiritual Energy never disappeared, to begin with! The problems ca

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