Book 02 Chapter 015: With Just This…
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 015: With Just This…

After Chen Heng finished his nap, he found all the Servants, but Georgios, staring at him when he reached the base.

“I say, what are you all doing? I only just entered, and you are already staring at me.”

“He Who Knows Fate!”

Fujimaru Ritsuka charged over the moment Chen Heng entered, and firmly caught Chen Heng by the waist, not letting go. Mash could not stop her in time.

“Master! What are you doing? Quickly let go! Just say what you have to say.”

“I want a lavish lunch! I want a lunch more lavish than Fou’s! A lavish lunch that is more than just lavish!”

“…How about this. Wait for tonight. Master, as a Japanese, have you ever heard of the Manchu–Han Imperial Feast?

“The Manchu–Han Imperial Feast?? Is that the one with 108 dishes? Are we having a Manchu–Han Imperial Feast tonight?” Fujimaru Ritsuka looked at Chen Heng with teary eyes at the mention of the Manchu–Han Imperial Feast, afraid he would refute her.

“The full set is impossible. However, I can pick a few suitable dishes from the Manchu–Han Imperial Feast. Furthermore, my storage space has the necessary ingredients.”

“Don’t lie to me! You absolutely cannot lie to me!”

“Don’t worry. I’m absolutely not lying. Please let go. We still need to find the other two Servants.”

“Alright, alright!” Fujimaru Ritsuka let go of Chen Heng when she heard Chen Heng’s promise.

“We’ll head for Thiers now.” Fujimaru Ritsuka lived up to being the last human Master. In this situation, she had the air of a leader, assuming one overlooked the scene of her hugging Chen Heng and refusing to let go for the sake of a lavish lunch.

Next was Chen Heng using his ability to ferry the eight from Bordeaux to Thiers.

The group arrived at Thiers after traveling for some time.

“Fiery light came from the city earlier, right?” Mash looked at the nearby Thiers.

“I already said that the two female Servants are fighting. Furthermore, they are fighting with all their might and have never stopped.” Merlin looked like he was watching a good show, just short of a bucket of popcorn.

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