Book 01 Chapter 015: I Choose You, Yakumo Yukari!
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 015: I Choose You, Yakumo Yukari!

Back then, Chen Heng took a risk and stole the ancestral crystal back, but he was discovered. After thinking about it, he decided to hide at Mo Qingtong’s place, as he was familiar with only her family. Unexpectedly, the Mo Clan’s clan head had been there. At first, Chen Heng did not know, but the Mo Clan’s clan head revealed himself later. The Mo Clan’s clan head was well-informed; he had found out that Chen Heng had stolen the culprit’s “heirloom” (as claimed by the culprit), so the Mo Clan’s clan head moved to subdue Chen Heng.

Later on, the culprit sent someone to pick up Chen Heng, saying that they would not hurt or kill him on account of Mo Qingtong. However, she still felt worried and followed them. They got attacked along the way. The target was Chen Heng. She protected him with everything she had but for naught. In the end, the attackers killed Chen Heng, stole the crystal, and severely injured the culprit’s subordinates (arranged by the culprit himself).

In reality, Chen Heng had contacted the Ji Clan after stealing the crystal. Previously, he did not have proof. Now that he had the crystal, he did not have to worry about the Ji Clan not believing him. Ji Yi was the Ji Clan’s youngest daughter, and the Jis deeply loved her. Even when they chased her out of the house, they did not strike her off the genealogical record. The Ji Clan felt enraged after Ji Yi died, but the hidden culprit had perfectly wiped out all evidence.

Just a little more time. The Ji Clan would have arrived in just a little more time.

Chen Heng had awakened his attraction ability at the age of eight. However, his parents had hidden it. It was good to have a trump card in the hidden world. That was also why the hidden culprit did not make a move on Chen Heng, a child who only knew sword techniques and was protected by the Ji Clan. After all, the risk was not worth the benefit.

“When my ability grows stronger, I will create a fake, second-hand, low-end version of a miniature black hole. Let’s see if that crushes you.

“Calm down! Calm down

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