Book 01 Chapter 014: The Hidden World’s Chain of Disdain
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 014: The Hidden World’s Chain of Disdain

Ability users had the hardest time in the hidden world.

Cultivators could be divided into two categories. The first was self-reliant, relying on only oneself to grow stronger step by step. China’s immortal cultivators and Japan’s onmyōjis fell under this category. The second was assisted, relying on external things to grow stronger. Japan’s mikos and shinkans and the west’s saints, holy maidens, and priests fell under this category. They relied on the blessings of deities to cultivate. All of these people were broadly classified as cultivators.

[TL Note: Onmyōji translates as Yin-and-Yang master. Onmyōjis are masters of divination based on yinyang and five elements, similar to Daoism. Mikos are shrine maidens, and shinkans are shrine officials. Mikos and shinkans could be considered clergy. Here are the various Wikipedia entries on these terms:,,]

Under normal circumstances, self-reliant cultivators were weaker than assisted cultivators. However, self-reliant cultivators had greater potential than assisted cultivators. Self-reliant cultivators usually looked down on assisted cultivators.

Ability users were at the bottom of the pecking order. Both categories of cultivators looked down on pure ability users—not including ability users who both cultivated and used abilities, of course. As for the reasons, firstly, ability users had no stable way of improving their abilities; Spiritual Energy had a limited effect on improving abilities. Furthermore, the world’s Spiritual Energy was relatively thinner now. Ability users could only rely on endlessly training themselves or slowly grow stronger over time. Moreover, there were limits. Take Chen Heng, for example. His ability could no longer grow stronger. He could only train himself to use his ability better.

That was not the greatest reason why cultivators looked down on ability users. The main reason was envy. Yes, envy. Cultivators required tale

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