Book 01 Chapter 010: Let’s Go to the Amusement Park!
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 010: Let’s Go to the Amusement Park!

“Thank you.” Sirin looked somewhat embarrassed.

“Do you like these clothes?”

“Yes, I like them. They give me a special feeling when I look at them.” Sirin nodded vigorously.

“Since you dressed up like this, we can’t go to the night market anymore. Let me think. Where shall we go? Oh! Let’s go to the night amusement park! Then, we can go to the night market for supper. It would be a pity if we dirtied such beautiful clothes.” It is currently about seven o’clock. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the amusement park by car. The amusement park closes at ten o’clock, giving us about two hours or so. After that, I can bring Sirin to the night market to get supper. The amusement park we are going to is the one Sirin appeared at. This is fate.

“That’s fine.” Sirin did not express any objection.

Chen Heng brought Sirin out. However, he did not go toward the estate’s entrance. Instead, he went to the neighboring house. He could not get a taxi; that would never happen, as it would be impossible for taxis to appear near Fantasy Sea Villas’s entrance. Furthermore, it was already seven o’clock. It would be difficult to get a taxi anywhere, so he could only trouble the chauffeur of Mo Qingtong’s family.

Ding dong! Ding dong!

“Coming! Please wait a moment!” It was Raven’s, the maid’s, voice. Mo Qingtong and Chen Heng usually address her as Elder Sister Raven.

“Oh! It’s Little Heng. What’s up? This must be Young Mistress Sirin, right?” Raven appeared before Chen Heng, wearing a traditional maid outfit that showcased her exquisite figure. She had short gray hair and red pupils.

“Elder Sister Raven, can you send us to Vast Sea City Amusement Park?”

Mo Qingtong’s residence in this Vast Sea City estate was just temporary. Under normal circumstances, her family stayed at a mansion in the suburbs. With the college entrance exams imminent, their entire family had moved to Fantasy Sea Villas half a month ago in preparation, as it was close to Vast Sea City First High School.

Raven held a secondary job as Mo Qingtong and Chen Heng’s chauffeur. Mo Qingtong’s parents would drive themselves.

“Please wait while I ask Master. Come in first.” Raven invited the two in and closed the door.

Mo Qingtong’s home was different from Chen Heng’s. Her entire family was staying together here. They also had a capable maid like Raven. The decorations and furnishings were much better, giving the house a sense of warmth.

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