Book 01 Chapter 009: Activation Conditions of the Precognition
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 009: Activation Conditions of the Precognition

Magus of Flowers: This is a woman’s topic. Let’s not participate in it.

He Who Knows Fate: I was considering buying the Illusion Arts to befuddle all the teachers.

Magus of Flowers: Go buy it. The Illusion Arts is great!

He Who Knows Fate: But I’m afraid there might be a powerful hidden expert among the teachers. It would be over then.

Iron Fist Teacher: I recall that China’s college entrance exams differ from Japan’s. There is only one sitting per year? If you fail, you can only retake it the following year, so you’d better study properly.

He Who Knows Fate: Right. Furthermore, the exams are coming soon. The college entrance exams are in 15 days.

Umaru-chan: I recall that the association’s store sells high school knowledge, right?

He Who Knows Fate: Right, 10 points for language and math subjects, and 30 points for science and humanities subjects.

Umaru-chan: I’m only in the first year of high school, so I’m in no rush. Furthermore, I’m quite confident in my studies.

He Who Knows Fate: I’m not that talented, just within the top ten during middle school. Honestly speaking, abilities are quite helpful in improving brainpower. The cultivators and ability users in my world normally do well in school as our memories are good. So I’m not worried about the college entrance exams.

As Chen Heng chatted, his Absolute Precognition suddenly activated. He saw…himself taking the college entrance exams.

Trashy Precognition!

After thinking about it for some time, Chen Heng understood how his Absolute Precognition worked. This Precognition was a damaged ability and would frequently short-circuit. He activated it for the first time when he woke up in the hospital bed. At that time, he saw his original future—the one without the Dimension Administrators Association and the Precognition. He died a miserable death, and there was nothing more. The Precognition had short-circuited; there was no more reaction.

The second activation took place half an hour later. He had been thinking about how to deal with the situation when he saw

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