Book 01 Chapter 005: You Want Me to Take Care of Her? Impossible! Oh! How Lucrative!
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 005: You Want Me to Take Care of Her? Impossible! Oh! How Lucrative!

Chen Heng held out a finger to check if Sirin was breathing.

“She is still breathing. It should just be ordinary unconsciousness.”

Umaru-chan: From her appearance, she should have just escaped from Babylon Labs. She is still wearing a hospital gown. She probably has not become a Herrscher yet.

[TL Note: You can read more about Herrschers here if you are unfamiliar with Honkai Impact 3rd:]

“Herrschers? What are those?”

Umaru-chan: I will send the information to the chat group. You can see for yourself. Right now, we should discuss how to deal with her.

Ding! Detecting Dimension Administrators Association member coming in contact with System 10086. Initiate a connection?


Please place the crystal in your hand on the transmigrator’s head.

A blue, cuboid crystal suddenly appeared above Chen Heng’s hand, hovering over it like a scene from science fiction.

Chen Heng tried placing the crystal on the forehead of this young girl called Sirin. Suddenly, an illusionary translucent screen popped up.

A mature male voice came from the screen. “Haha! This great me finally connected to the system mainframe! Little Brother from the Dimension Administrators Association, thank you!”

For some reason, this voice sounded to Chen Heng like it was asking for trouble.

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: Why do I feel this voice sounds very deserving of a beating?

Magus of Flowers: So, I’m not the only one who feels that way?

Iron Fist Teacher: This system is truly mysterious. I feel that way too. @Umaru-chan, are you not in class?

Efreet: +1

I Have a Strong Presence: +1

Umaru-chan: Isn’t it because He Who Knows Fate is livestreaming? Furthermore, it’s about a system. How can I not watch it? Missing a little bit of class is nothing.

“Little Brother, the mainframe told me earlier to give you a chance to become the host.”

“So, what is your decision?”

“Sorry. I’m still a child, and my functions are not complete yet. A sudden failure in the connectivity

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