Book 01 Chapter 005: You Want Me to Take Care of Her? Impossible! Oh! How Lucrative!
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 005: You Want Me to Take Care of Her? Impossible! Oh! How Lucrative!

Chen Heng held out a finger to check if Sirin was breathing.

“She is still breathing. It should just be ordinary unconsciousness.”

Umaru-chan: From her appearance, she should have just escaped from Babylon Labs. She is still wearing a hospital gown. She probably has not become a Herrscher yet.

[TL Note: You can read more about Herrschers here if you are unfamiliar with Honkai Impact 3rd:]

“Herrschers? What are those?”

Umaru-chan: I will send the information to the chat group. You can see for yourself. Right now, we should discuss how to deal with her.

Ding! Detecting Dimension Administrators Association member coming in contact with System 10086. Initiate a connection?


Please place the crystal in your hand on the transmigrator’s head.

A blue, cuboid crystal suddenly appeared above Chen Heng’s hand, hovering over it like a scene from science fiction.

Chen Heng tried placing the crystal on the forehead of this young girl called Sirin. Suddenly, an illusionary translucent screen popped up.

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A mature male voice came from the screen. “Haha! This great me finally connected to the system mainframe! Little Brother from the Dimension Administrators Association, thank you!”

For some reason, this voice sounded to Chen Heng like it was asking for trouble.

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: Why do I feel this voice sounds very deserving of a beating?

Magus of Flowers: So, I’m not the only one who feels that way?

Iron Fist Teacher: This system is truly mysterious. I feel that way too. @Umaru-chan, are you not in class?

Efreet: +1

I Have a Strong Presence: +1

Umaru-chan: Isn’t it because He Who Knows Fate is livestreaming? Furthermore, it’s about a system. How can I not watch it? Missing a little bit of class is nothing.

“Little Brother, the mainframe told me earlier to give you a chance to become the host.”

“So, what is your decision?”

“Sorry. I’m still a child, and my functions are not complete yet. A sudden failure in the connectivity functions caused the disconnection from the mainframe. I need to return for an update. It is absolutely not because I shun you for being a crude man.”

“I see. Huh? What did you say? Crude man? Me?”

“Oops! I accidentally spoke my mind. Sorry.”

“I…never mind. At least there are 10,000 points.”

“Ten thousand points? Is the mainframe looking down on me? It should at least be 100,000 points! Shouldn’t such a unique system like this great me be worthy of a greater reward?”

No. I feel that letting you die outside is the best choice. Even if you wanted me to be your host now, I don’t want you anymore.

“How about you negotiate with the system mainframe to give me more points?”

“This…the system mainframe will not change its decision easily. I can’t do anything about that.”

“What will she do when you’re gone?” Chen Heng pointed to Sirin, who was below the illusionary screen.

“I don’t know. I needed to latch on to someone to transfer worlds. I had no choice but to get her to bring me over.”

“So, you plan to just abandon her?”

“Of course not! I have been in her body for a month. Furthermore, I had to rely on her to absorb sufficient energy, called Honkai energy, there. No matter what, I owe her a favor. I cannot just abandon her.”

“What are you going to do, then? I can’t be the one taking care of her, right?”

“That’s a pretty good suggestion. It is decided, then…but, alright. Got it! Little Brother, the mainframe just contacted me.”

“What did it say?”

“The mainframe said that this girl is an important person in that world’s fate and that that world cannot do without her, so she will definitely be sent back. However, she helped me, after all. Therefore, the mainframe decided to give her a boon. As for this boon, it is somewhat related to you.”

“Huh? What does it have to do with me?”

“Let her stay with you for a month, and you take care of her. After her mission is over, she will have a chance to revive. She will die soon, according to her fate.”

“I’m not doing it.”

“Two thousand points.”

“Deal. Starting from now?”

Points were god. Not to mention one month, Chen Heng would do half a year as long as there were points.

“One more thing.”


“I mentioned a chance to revive earlier, right? If it is a person who is not dead yet, reviving her in the future is easier than reviving a person who is already dead. However, this chance cannot appear out of nowhere. We have to show some consideration for the world consciousness’s reputation, so we can only ask you for help here.”

“Wait up…”

“Giving you 2,000 points is for you to bring a revival tool to her world and revive her. Nothing else.”

“Say that earlier. Isn’t it just revival? Piece of cake. By the way, what is the cost of reviving a person who already died?”

“This…Sirin’s situation is special. In the future, while her body has died, her soul will still be around. The so-called revival is just giving her a perfect body compatible with her soul and moving her soul over. It is nothing difficult.”

System 10086 paused, apparently thinking of how to explain the next bit.

“However, it is complicated to revive a completely dead person. It is not something that can be done just by spending points. You will require extremely rare tools. Of course, if you are capable of threatening the world consciousness, I have nothing to say.”

“So, that’s the case.” Threaten the world consciousness? It looks like I have to work harder to become strong.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! You aren’t planning to threaten the world consciousness, right?”

“How can that be?”

“That’s not what your eyes are saying. Never mind. That’s your problem. I don’t want to get involved. Remember, take good care of Sirin. The 2,000 points are not given out for nothing. The Dimension Administrators Association will distribute them to you after the revival mission is over. I’m leaving now.

“Also, do take good care of her. She has lived a pitiful life.”

Erm! I’m not used to you turning so prim and proper all of a sudden.

Beep! The illusionary screen seemed to be having a bad signal. It shook continuously for a few seconds before closing.

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: How wonderful! You can even earn extra.

Iron Fist Teacher: You can earn 2,000 points by caring for a little girl. How envious!

Umaru-chan: I’m not doing it.

Queen of Rhodes Island: Children are indeed quite troublesome.

“So, who among you all has taken care of children before?” Chen Heng had not stopped the livestream yet, so he directly asked them. He hoped the chat group members would offer suggestions. How unfortunate! Before he—Chen Heng—even had a girlfriend, he had to learn how to care for a child.

Umaru-chan: I’m still a child.

I Have a Strong Presence: +1

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: +1

Queen of Ice and Snow: +1

Magus of Flowers: ??? @17-Year-Old Youkai Sage @Queen of Ice and Snow, are you not embarrassed?

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: Are you asking for trouble?

Queen of Ice and Snow: @Magus of Flowers, accept the application. Let’s have a good talk in your Avalon.

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: Count me in.

Magus of Flowers: I’ve got to go.

These people…they are too good at going off-topic. To think they can argue with just a screen.

Chen Heng stopped the livestream, getting a headache. Then, he looked at Sirin, who was still lying on the train’s seat. He had an even bigger headache.

“No matter what, let’s bring her home first.” Chen Heng picked up Sirin in a princess carry and found himself in a spot again.

“How do I get her home?” This is quite the problem. If I just carry her home so openly, others will think I kidnapped her from somewhere, given her clothes.

Before I get home, Mister Policeman will invite me down to the police station for tea. If they investigate further, I might even be brought to the Special Affairs Bureau. That will make things even more problematic.

Thus, Chen Heng decided to ask his all-powerful acquaintances in the chat group.

He Who Knows Fate: I just ran into a problem.

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: What’s the problem?

He Who Knows Fate: How do I bring Sirin home?

Magus of Flowers: How is that a problem? Just buy my Illusion Arts. With my Illusion Arts, not to mention bringing Sirin home. No one would see it even if you ran home naked.

He Who Knows Fate: …

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: Don’t listen to him. You can buy my Spell Card Set. There is a [Gap] card in there. It can directly connect time-space to get you straight to your house. It is only 500 points. You won’t suffer any loss, and you won’t be tricked.

[TL Note: I cannot find a [Gap] spell card in Touhou Project. However, Gap appears to be one of Yukari Yakumo’s abilities, allowing her to manipulate time-space.]

He Who Knows Fate: Can I buy it individually?

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: You can for 50 points. I’ve already made it cheaper for you.

This feels shady. However, never mind. I’ll do that.

He Who Knows Fate: Sure.

Ding! He Who Knows Fate sent 17-Year-Old Youkai Sage a red packet.

[TL Note: A red packet is traditionally given during Chinese New Year or weddings as a blessing. It is a red envelope with some cash inside. In this information age, virtual red packets have been developed as a way to conduct digital transactions over chat apps. Here is the Wikipedia entry on red packets:]

Ding! 17-Year-Old Youkai Sage sent He Who Knows Fate a red packet.

He Who Knows Fate: How do I use this?

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: This is an idiot-proof version of Gap that I made especially for you. You just need to crush it. Remember to focus on where you want to go.

I see. Chen Heng felt a chill as he looked at the black gap, which was tied in a butterfly knot, in front of him. Several pairs of red eyes were staring at him from it.

He Who Knows Fate: Can I really use this?

Then, Chen Heng sent a picture of the black gap to the chat group.

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: Don’t worry. It’s fine. If anything goes wrong, come look for me.

How do I look for you if anything does go wrong?

Nevertheless, Chen Heng still entered the gap, while carrying Sirin, out of trust for his fellow chat group member.

“Oh? Where is this? Ah!” Just as Chen Heng stepped forward, Sirin opened her eyes, only half-conscious. Then, the gap in front of her scared her into fainting again.

Chen Heng: …

What a pitiful child.

However, this gap is quite terrifying. Even so, it is very convenient. I arrived home in the blink of an eye.

Chen Heng’s house was in Fantasy Sea Villas, the most expensive estate in Vast Sea City. The people who stayed here were extremely wealthy. There were no apartments here, just individual villas. Chen Heng’s house was next to Mo Qingtong’s house. This house was the only property Chen Heng’s parents left behind, aside from about ten million RMB in inheritance. There was no chaotic fight over the inheritance (at least not openly). Rather, there were no relatives at all. Since Chen Heng’s family started a family tree record, every generation had only one child.

Such a situation was already very envious. However, given a choice, Chen Heng would rather have a stable life in a regular apartment with his parents.

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