Book 01 Chapter 004: Sirin? Who Is That?
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 004: Sirin? Who Is That?

Alright, alright. I can only use the afternoon to do missions. Classes? I—Chen Heng—really want to attend classes. However, the situation does not permit me!

The first thing Chen Heng did after receiving the mission was send a screenshot of the mission to the chat group.

He Who Knows Fate: Envious?

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: Truly envious.

Magus of Flowers: +1

I Have a Strong Presence: +1

Queen of Ice and Snow: +1

Efreet: Why is your luck so good?

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: I don’t really care about the points. I just want that system.

Iron Fist Teacher: I want those points. As for the system…forget it. I don’t have such blessings.

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: If you can’t beat that transmigrator, remember to call for help. If you call me, I’ll pay for the travel expenses. If I obtain the system, you can have all the points. If not, we split the points sixty-forty in your favor.

He Who Knows Fate: Sure.

Queen of Ice and Snow: You can call me too.

Magus of Flowers: Me! Me! Me!

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

He Who Knows Fate: I got it. I’ll try first.

“Qingtong, help me out with something.”

“Speak. I will do it on account of this meal as long as it is not overboard.”

It’s that easy to satisfy her?

“I have something urgent to handle this afternoon. Help me apply for leave.”

“What are you going to do? Are you going to see Elder Sister Shiki? Don’t you normally go on weekends?”

“Shiki…no. It’s something else. I need to attend to this personally.”

“Alright. However, the college entrance exams are approaching. Don’t always apply for leave. Although your grades are quite good, if you keep neglecting your studies… Furthermore, you have been preoccupied since you woke up two days ago. You even stared at me for some strange reason during the mock exams. If I didn’t know you well, I would have thought something possessed you.”

“Possessed? You must have read too many fantasy novels.”

“Haha…yeah, I’ve been reading two ancient fantasy stories, so I’m overthinking a little.”

What nonsense! No wonder you spoke to me in such a probing manner yesterday. So, this is the reason? What a fellow! How air-headed of her!

“Eat faster. I still have to go to class!”

After lunch, the two parted ways at Little Jiangnan’s entrance.

He Who Knows Fate: Everyone, will the ability’s second awakening take long?

Queen of Ice and Snow: It depends on the situation. If your ability’s limits are high, then it will take longer. Furthermore, it would cause a larger commotion.

Queen of Ice and Snow: Are you planning to undergo the ability’s second awakening before searching for the system?

He Who Knows Fate: I was initially thinking of doing that. However, I feel that my ability’s limits are pretty high. Never mind. I’ll search for that transmigrator first.

Chen Heng closed the chat interface and hailed a taxi at the side of the road. Then, he rushed to the location indicated by the mission system. Fortunately, it was not that far, within the same city. At the very least, he did not need to travel abroad.

Chen Heng recalled that place was…an amusement park?

Erm…this…there are so many people in an amusement park, so it is not a good place to start a fight. However, that’s not a problem. Ten thousand points and a chance to obtain a system. This is already worth the risk. At worst, I would just be invited to the Special Affairs Bureau for a cup of tea. After all, I—Chen Heng—have never come in contact with the hidden world before, so it is normal that I don’t know the rules.

Indeed, Chen Heng had never interacted with the hidden world before. At the very least, he had not yet. However, he knew the rules of the hidden world very well. He would join the Special Affairs Bureau in the future, becoming colleagues with Mo Qingtong.

Yes, that was right. Mo Qingtong worked in the Special Affairs Bureau. She was already a preparatory member of the Special Affairs Bureau. When she started university, she would formally become a grade D member. At the very least, that was how it was, according to the timeline. After all, her parents were grade A Special Affairs Bureau members. Her family background gave her an advantage. Furthermore, her talent for cultivation was high, and she had a good ability. Being both an ability user and a cultivator, she could quickly get promoted to grade C. (As a side note, before Chen Heng died in the future, Chen Heng was grade C while Mo Qingtong was grade B.)

“Alright, Little Brother, we have arrived at Vast Sea City Amusement Park. The fee is 50 RMB. Are you paying by cash, Alipay, or WeChat Pay?”

[TL Note: RMB (RenMinBi), also called Chinese yuan or just yuan (元), is the currency of China. The symbol for it is ¥, like the Japanese yen. At the time of this writing, one USD equaled about 6.5-7 RMB.]

[TL Note: Alipay and WeChat Pay are popular mobile payment apps in China. Alipay is by the Alibaba Group, and WeChat Pay is operated by Tencent.]

“Mister, you are quite expensive!” Although Chen Heng said so, he still fished out fifty yuan to pay the taxi driver. He was in somewhat of a rush, fearing the chance could slip out from under him. That was a system and ten thousand points!

After buying a ticket, Chen Heng entered the amusement park. As it was Friday, the amusement park did not have many visitors. After all, the primary audience of an amusement park was students. Not all students could come to an amusement park on a Friday as Chen Heng did.

“Hey! It’s Chen Heng! Why are you here? Are you playing truant too?” A voice rang out from Chen Heng’s left.

Alright, I take back my words. There was indeed someone who played truant to come to the amusement park on a Friday.

Chen Heng did not even need to turn his head to know who it was. Aside from the daredevil who sat behind him in class, no one dared to do such a thing.

“Duan Lin, are you playing truant with your girlfriend again?”

“Doesn’t this apply to you too?”

Chen Heng looked at the two people walking toward him hand-in-hand. He could not help thinking a sincere “blessing,” People who publicly display affection deserve to die early!

Class Representative Duan Mu was good-looking and muscular, with a high IQ, a high EQ, and a wealthy family. More importantly, he had a gorgeous fiancée. He was a winner in life.

Student Committee Member Su Ya, Duan Lin’s fiancée was pretty with a gentle personality and never irritable. She appeared to be the classic studious female. However, those who truly knew her would know that she was an extremely two-faced person.

These two had been engaged since babies through an arranged betrothal. Furthermore, they were in love with each other, probably the type that would get married after graduation.

The two’s relationship was well-known in school; the teachers did not dare to interfere. After all, Su Ya’s mother was the principal. Furthermore, the two’s grades were good, guaranteed among the top ten in school.

Chen Heng suspected that these two were cultivators. While there were not that many cultivators in this world, there was still a significant number. Cultivators tended to have extraordinary memory. Furthermore, the two gave off a remarkable air.

In the original timeline, Chen Heng no longer had much contact with these two after graduating from high school. The two made it into Modu University, while Chen Heng and Mo Qingtong entered Jindu University. For now, they had a good relationship.

[TL Note: Modu University and Jindu University might be made-up schools. Modu happens to be another name for Shanghai, and Shanghai University has been unofficially called Modu University. Shanghai University is ranked about 35th in China in 2022, not to be confused with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, ranked 5th in China in 2022. As for Jindu University, it translates to Kyoto University, which is in Japan. Jindu can also mean capital. Given that China’s capital is Beijing, it could potentially refer to Beijing University (Peking University), ranked 2nd in China in 2022. I suspect the names are coincidences, and both are supposed to be top universities in this world, so I decided to keep the names in pinyin rather than translate them.]

“I’m not playing truant. I do have something official to do.”

“You are quite interesting. Despite coming to the amusement park during lesson time, you say you are here on official business?”

“Enough about me. Who is managing the class with the two of you out here together? Isn’t the next class literature? You are aware of the literature teacher’s personality. The teacher won’t be able to manage those animals.”

“Don’t bother about those minor details. Little Ya wanted to come to the amusement park, but there are too many people on Saturdays, so this is the only time we can come.” Duan Mu scratched his head helplessly.

“So, it’s my fault?” Su Ya stared daggers to her side. →_→

Duan Mu and Chen Heng: o(>﹏<)o What a terrifying glare!

“No! How can it be?! It’s me! I wanted to come to the amusement park!” To others, Duan Mu looked like he wore the pants in the relationship. However, Chen Heng understood that Duan Mu was henpecked.

“Well, I still have something on. I have to find someone, so I need to leave first. I’ll stop being a lamp post here.

I finally managed to slip away!

Chen Heng opened the tracker provided by the mission system and found that the transmigrator had never moved.

“He is not dead, right? Perhaps he fainted? That would be good.”

Ding! He Who Knows Fate started a livestream. You may enter to watch.

He Who Knows Fate: First time on a mission, so I started a livestream. In case anything happens, I can immediately call for help.

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: That is well thought-out.

Queen of Ice and Snow: When entering a member’s world, we need the permission of that member. It is very frustrating.

Magus of Flowers: Remember to call me.

He Who Knows Fate: We are starting soon, just a few hundred meters away.

Chen Heng had gone to Vast Sea City Amusement Park before. Based on the direction, his destination seemed to be an abandoned small train for children.

After walking for a while, Chen Heng saw a skinny figure, who might be the transmigrator, sitting on the abandoned train. From his direction, all he could see was her back and purple hair.

Queen of Ice and Snow: It looks like a young girl. She is quite skinny and has purple hair.

Magus of Flowers: Let’s continue watching.

Chen Heng slowly approached, not daring to be careless. He even took out a sword from the necklace he wore.

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: Oh my! Storage equipment! It looks like Little Brother He Who Knows Fate’s world is of a pretty high level.

Umaru-chan: Ah! I really want this! With it, I can hoard food without Elder Brother finding out.

Queen of Ice and Snow: Storage equipment is very hard to make. It is rare.

Chen Heng glanced at the screen but did not answer. Then, he focused his attention back on that skinny figure.

“Hello! Can you talk?”

No one answered. Chen Heng gradually relaxed. He walked to the skinny figure’s side and gently touched her.

Thud! The skinny figure that had been seated upright fell sideways. Her head crashed into the seat rail. It sounded quite painful, but even so, there was no reaction.

Chen Heng walked to the front of that person and put the sword back into the necklace.

It was a pretty, young girl. However, her attire seemed somewhat strange—hardly any different from draping on white bedsheets. The first impression the clothes gave Chen Heng was that she had escaped from some sort of laboratory.

Umaru-chan: This is? Honkai Impact 3rd’s Sirin?

[TL Note: Sirin’s profile:]

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: You know her?

Umaru-chan: The Time-Space Management Bureau also sells games in the store. Don’t you know? They are very cheap, 1 point for 100 games. You can pick whatever you want. There are also games from other worlds. Sirin is a character in one of the games. However, I did not play that game; I just read the comic that came free with the game. That game is too grindy.

“So, what should I do now? The mission system has not reacted.”

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: Check if she is dead first.

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