Book 01 Chapter 004: Sirin? Who Is That?
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 004: Sirin? Who Is That?

Alright, alright. I can only use the afternoon to do missions. Classes? I—Chen Heng—really want to attend classes. However, the situation does not permit me!

The first thing Chen Heng did after receiving the mission was send a screenshot of the mission to the chat group.

He Who Knows Fate: Envious?

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: Truly envious.

Magus of Flowers: +1

I Have a Strong Presence: +1

Queen of Ice and Snow: +1

Efreet: Why is your luck so good?

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: I don’t really care about the points. I just want that system.

Iron Fist Teacher: I want those points. As for the system…forget it. I don’t have such blessings.

17-Year-Old Youkai Sage: If you can’t beat that transmigrator, remember to call for help. If you call me, I’ll pay for the travel expenses. If I obtain the system, you can have all the points. If not, we split the points sixty-forty in your favor.

He Who Knows Fate: Sure.

Queen of Ice and Snow: You can call me too.

Magus of Flowers: Me! Me! Me!

He Who Knows Fate: I got it. I’ll try first.

“Qingtong, help me out with something.”

“Speak. I will do it on account of this meal as long as it is not overboard.”

It’s that easy to satisfy her?

“I have something urgent to handle this afternoon. Help me apply for leave.”

“What are you going to do? Are you going to see Elder Sister Shiki? Don’t you normally go on weekends?”

“Shiki…no. It’s something else. I need to attend to this personally.”

“Alright. However, the college entrance exams are approaching. Don’t always apply for leave. Although your grades are quite good, if you keep neglecting your studies… Furthermore, you have been preoccupied since you woke up two days ago. You even stared at me for some strange reason during the mock exams. If I didn’t know you well, I would have thought something possessed you.”

“Possessed? You must have read too many fantasy novels.”

“Haha…yeah, I’ve been reading two ancient fantasy stories, so I’m overthinking a little.”

What nonsense! No wonder you spoke to me in such a probing manner yesterday. So, this is

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