Book 01 Chapter 002: World Merger and Free Gift
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 002: World Merger and Free Gift

He Who Knows Fate: …

Queen of Ice and Snow: If you want to grow strong fast, go earn points. You can use points to strengthen your ability, but that cannot increase your ability’s potential.

Magus of Flowers: The best option is to choose the Ability Second Awakening. I have nothing else to say if you have an emergency.

He Who Knows Fate: It’s not urgent. I have time.

He Who Knows Fate: I’ll look at the mission hall’s missions first.

Mission Hall:

Capture SCP-173 (World Mission): Due to the world merger, an SCP Foundation-contained object unexpectedly escaped to another world.

Intel: SCP-173 is a concrete sculpture. It is animate and extremely hostile. It will quickly move behind you while you are unaware and snap your neck. Of course, it will not move when you are looking at it.

Danger Level: 5 (Dangerous for you)

Reward: 5,000 Points.

[TL Note: SCP Foundation is a fictional secret organization that captures and contains paranormal, supernatural, and other mysterious phenomena. Here is the Wikipedia link on it: Also, the SCP Foundation website:]

[TL Note: Here is the entry on SCP-173 on the SCP Foundation’s website:]

Capture SCP-096 (World Mission): Due to the world merger, an SCP Foundation-contained object unexpectedly escaped to another world.

Intel: When someone views SCP-096’s face, whether directly, via video recording, or even a photograph (artistic representations not included,) SCP-096 will immediately sense that person’s existence and break through all obstacles to get to this person and kill him. After that, SCP-096 will regain its calm. It possesses supersensory abilities and can regenerate. Its bones can resist fire, radiation, and acid.

Danger Level: 5 (It’s dangerous but barely manageable.)

Reward: 5,000 Points.

[TL Note: Here is the entry on SCP-096 on the SCP Foundation website:]

Dispose of Illegal Reincarnator 9527 (Faction Mission: Chief God): This illegal reincarnator has caused a severe negative impact on many worlds. The destructive value reaches 100. Reincarnator 9527 used a special method to leave the Chief God Space. (You might not believe it, but the Chief God Space is a neutral faction.)

Intel: Reincarnator 9527 is a middle-grade reincarnator. Primary exchanged abilities are Lvl 5 Electromagnetic Control, Fireball Spell…

Danger Level: 5 (About similar in ability.)

Reward: 5,000 Points + Choice of Reincarnator 9527’s abilities (One ability.)

Search for System 10086 (Faction Mission: System Mainframe): System 10086 lost connection with the system mainframe for some reason.

Intel: System 10086 is one of the weaker systems, born not long ago. It has not obtained a name yet. It needs to gather vast amounts of energy to transmigrate, and it cannot make exchanges in the shop. Furthermore, there are obvious deficiencies. In human terms: It’s a chatterbox.

Danger Level: 0 (Depends on your fate. You can see it only by luck. There will be a notification if it appears in the same world as the mission taker.)

Reward: 10,000 Points + A chance to become System 10086’s host (Just a chance.)

These missions were hard to describe. Chen Heng was someone who read novels, so he was familiar with the system genre and the infinite genre. Unexpectedly, there are also chief gods and systems. There were also the two SCP Foundation-contained objects—they sounded bizarre from the descriptions.

I Have a Strong Presence: Did your world undergo a world merger? My world seems to have. However, it was just an ordinary world without any monsters.

He Who Knows Fate: How do you know if there was a world merger?

Queen of Ice and Snow: Ask customer service.

He Who Knows Fate: Customer service?

I seemed to have seen it at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

He Who Knows Fate: Is a world merger serious? Is it very common?

We are Hosted Novel, find us on google.

I Have a Strong Presence: It’s not exactly common. However, you’d best ask customer service.

I’ll go and ask, then. It’s not like it costs money.

“Hello! Hello! Is Miss Customer Service around?”

Not around.

“Miss Customer Service is very mischievous. I have a question about world mergers. Did a world merger happen for my world?”

It did. The merger started three days ago. That’s why you have your Precognition. Honestly speaking, situations like yours are extremely rare. It is like hitting the jackpot three times in a row.

A world essentially shattered. The ordinary world merging with yours carried the remnants, and the remnants were randomly given to you. That’s why the Dimension Administrators Association chose you.

Damn! So, that’s what happened. I was wondering why I suddenly awakened an ability. Furthermore, it is a cheat-like ability involving time.

“I would like to ask if the Precognition can be fixed. Since I awakened it three days ago, I have tried to look at my future. However, it seemed like there was a short circuit. I cannot view it as I please.”

That's pretty good already. It’s normal that the ability is damaged. After all, the world got destroyed.

“Alright. That makes sense. Can you explain what would change because of the world merger?”

A world merger could be compared to the owner of a company on the verge of bankruptcy bringing a portion of the assets to a company that is operating stably. It is like a drop of ink falling into a cup of water. The host world will randomly bring in some of the people who carry the damaged world’s luck into the host world. Don’t find it strange if some stranger suddenly appears around you and claims to know you. The Dimension Administrators Association protects you from the world’s influence. Others would find these people familiar.

“What about this world merger?”

This time, your world is merging with a world that is basically safe.

“Miss Customer Service, thank you for answering my questions.

You are welcome.

By the way, that essentially broken world is only considered broken in the basic sense; there are some remnants. It managed to protect one person. The world consciousness is sleeping in her body. Since you obtained the gift of that world, you are also responsible for taking care of her.

“Can you tell me who it is?”

Ryougi Shiki. Her current identity is set as your parents’ adopted daughter, your younger sister.

[TL Note: Ryougi Shiki is from The Garden of Sinners. Here is a link to a profile on her:]

“This…this is the legendary younger sister out of nowhere?”

Alright. Question time is over. I still have other matters to handle.

“Hello! Hello! Are you there?!”

Customer service did not respond. It looks like she really hung up.

Chen Heng closed the chatting interface and digested the information he had just received. Firstly, two powerhouses fought and damaged many worlds across dimensions, causing a great upheaval.

I can’t understand these powerhouses. However, they were quite ruthless, causing damage to so many worlds.

Secondly, the world merging into mine is an ordinary world. That is fortunate. At least it is not a world with monsters.

Finally, I obtained the Absolute Precognition because of the world merger. I joined the Dimension Administrators Association because of that. Ryougi Shiki…she is Japanese, right?

Since I received such a benefit, it is only fitting that I take care of her. To a certain degree, it can be considered a life-saving grace.

Ding Dong! Ding Dong!

“Alright, students. We will end the lesson here!”

Just as Chen Heng pondered this, the bell went off, signifying the end of the lesson—no, dismissal for lunch.

After the teacher left, most of the class discussed their lunch options.

“Person A, shall we have lunch at the Lanzhou hand-pulled noodle store opposite the school? It is closer.”

[TL Note: Lanzhou hand-pulled noodle is a signature dish from Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, China. The noodles are frequently hand-pulled on the spot and can come in various thicknesses. The texture of these noodles is excellent, having a nice chew. Here is a Wikipedia entry on this style of noodles:]

“I don’t want to. They put too little beef. Furthermore, it’s not cheap.”

“Person B, what do you think?”

“I want to eat beef board noodles. Person A, are you coming?”

[TL Note: Board noodles are another style of Chinese noodles made from egg noodle dough and rolled out in long broad noodles. The soup base is usually lighter than the Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles and is considered healthier. Of course, they originate from a different region in China. Here is the Wikipedia entry on board noodles:]

“Let’s go there, then. Person C, you can go to the Lanzhou hand-pulled store. Bye!”

“Wait for me! I’ll come with you!”

Ah! A true portrayal of a high school student’s life. I also feel that beef board noodles are excellent.

“Hey! Little Heng, what are you having for lunch? I can give you some of mine if you have nothing to eat. Hehe!” The classmate who shared Chen Heng’s table patted him on the shoulder.

Chen Heng did not say anything. Instead, he looked at his classmate with an extremely complicated gaze. That classmate had long, glossy, fine, black hair like smooth black curtains. She had fair skin and looked at Chen Heng with wide, glistening eyes. Her long, shapely eyebrows sat above her large eyes. She had a small, cherry-like mouth, long and slender legs, and a lively and carefree personality. This was Chen Heng’s childhood sweetheart: Mo Qingtong. Her name was pretty, but she looked even prettier.

[TL Note: Mo Qingtong translates to black clear pupils (eyes).]

However, Chen Heng had gotten used to her beauty long ago. His complicated gaze was due to another reason.

“Chen Heng, are you that petty? I only hit your head in anger three days ago and did not use that much strength. You fell over by yourself, alright? I even took care of you for an entire day in the hospital. Do you have to bear a grudge?”

That was right. She had slapped Chen Heng when they were messing around in her house. He had fainted. When he woke up, he had gained the Precognition. Before Miss Customer Service told him the cause of his obtaining the Precognition, he had attributed it to Mo Qingtong’s blow.

However, that was not why Chen Heng looked at her like this. The reason was…

[Author Note: Try Guessing.]

“How could I?! How could I dare to bear a grudge against my beloved Young Mistress Mo?”

Beloved… Mo Qingtong’s face blushed slightly pink.

“You speak without any restraint. Don’t you filter your words before you speak?”

She got angry from embarrassment. How do I put it? Every time I tease her into such a state, I feel like laughing. However, I absolutely cannot laugh. She is a person who is easily embarrassed and quickly resorts to violence. Most importantly, Chen Heng did not dare retaliate. If he really laughed…well, as for the results…please refer to what happened three days ago.

“Alright. Alright! Alright! It’s my fault. I apologize. As compensation for taking care of me for an entire day, I’ll treat at Little Jiangnan. Let’s go. I’ll explain to Aunty.”

[TL Note: Jiangnan refers to the region south of the Yangtze River. It translates as River South. This region encompasses Shanghai City, the southern part of Jiangsu Province, the southeastern part of Anhui Province, the northern part of Jiangxi Province, and the northern part of Zhejiang Province. Little Jiangnan probably sells cuisine from that region, and based on the later response, it is likely something more premium.]

“Little Jiangnan? What made you so happy? Let’s go! Let’s go! Just the two of us!”

The lunch break was long enough for Chen Heng to treat Mo Qingtong to lunch.

Vast Sea City First High School’s gates opened toward the west. Both its school gates faced the west.

[TL Note: Vast Sea City does not exist in China.]

[TL Note: Schools in China are usually named by numbers. Since the numbers are repeated in different cities, the city name can be added in front to differentiate it from the same school name in other cities. Hence, this is First High School in Vast Sea City.]

To get to Little Jiangnan, one turned south after exiting the school gate, walked for two hundred meters, and crossed the road. Little Jiangnan was the most popular restaurant near the school among students. Unlike ordinary restaurants with plain and simple rooms, Little Jiangnan had artificial landscaping, boasting rockeries, streams, fountains, and waterfalls.

The different style made it very popular.

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