Chapter 83: The Rain Has Stopped
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 83: The Rain Has Stopped


The massive rain god crashed down. Waves rippled out as they hit the floodwater, sweeping away buildings and causing them to collapse.

Before this ‘god’s’ corpse, the elf riding atop the griffin like a brilliant white flame pointed his long sword at the ground in a majestic pose.

After the bloated body fell, it instantly turned into vapor and lightning.

Vapor volatilized, turning into a deluge of water that came crashing down while the lightning shot straight towards the clouds.

In an instant, this imposing entity that had brought the calamity of thunder and lightning while expanding its own domain had completely turned into aether and returned to the illusory dream realm.


The rush of wind towards the griffin was easily split apart, and the water beneath its talons reflected the elf's beautiful features.

In the myth-like scene within the gloomy environment, the elf radiated with brilliance just like the sun, stunning everyone present.

It was at this moment that Secret Rite Tower personnel awoke from their dreamy stupor.

“Uh, Chief... What should... we do now? Do we continue?”

The hesitant voice of Team One’s squad leader Arnold sounded through the communications apparatus.

Winston stared at the elf closely and said, “All units remain in position and standby. Continue with the original operation and maintain your vigilance and combat readiness. Contact the Truth Union and determine where this fellow came from.”


Winston ended the comms and drew his own sword.

The battle hadn’t concluded yet.

Or rather, this being that had suddenly appeared was the greatest threat.

From the scene that had just unfolded, there was a very high possibility that this being had also come from within the dream realm.

The people present could be considered elites amongst extraordinary beings. Every one of them would more or less know about legends of the ancient elf kingdom that were circulated amongst extraordinary beings.

The scene before them invoked an intense sense of déjà vu for two reasons. First was the immense power displayed by this elf, and the second was that this scene was as if an ancient legend had come back to life.

Candela, king of the moon elves, the one who dared straight at the divine and the cause of the great plague.

In a time of darkness, he wielded the fire to open up new ground for his people. Even though this tale had a tragic end, that gallant and fearless spirit shown by Candela was praised by many for years to come.

But anyone would know that there was no way the elf king known as Candela could be resurrected. Thousands of years ago, he had killed himself with his own blade, and his soul filled with resentment had intertwined with the sword and manifested into a curse.

And this sword had become a famed demon sword that killed every one of its owners.

Since Candela wasn’t brought back to life, then it could only mean that someone had once again roused this ancient spirit.

Winston’s pupils suddenly contracted. That demon sword! That demon sword should be in Joseph’s possession!

He immediately took out his communications device. “Joseph! You...”

But before he could finish his sentence, the other party had already cut him off. “Calm down, Winston. I’ve seen it...

“I’m already on the battlefield.”

Having hastily rushed over, Joseph was currently standing atop the collapsed ruins of a building. With his communications device in hand, he watched the fairytale-like scene with a look of shock.

Even though he knew that the bookstore owner would definitely make a move, he hadn’t imagined that it would happen in such a grandiose fashion.

With a deep breath, he continued, “The demon sword was handed over a few days ago. This was a decision approved by the elders, so there’s no need to doubt it. It is indeed Candela here, whom I’ve spoken with for decades in my mind. I’m very familiar with him.”

In his state of shock, Winston caught on to the important keywords. “Handed over? Who was it handed over to?!”

“S-Rank file 0114, master of S-Rank Zone 0113. Lin Jie, or Boss Lin.”

“... That bookstore owner?”

“That’s why I already said that there’s no need to be worried.”


Winston exhaled sharply, then asked, “So what now? Do you know what he is going to do next? And did he summon the elf king? Wait, what is he doing now?”

Within the undissipated storm clouds where the dream realm fracture hadn't yet closed, the griffin spread its wings and squawked in a certain direction. The elf raised his sword in that direction, his gaze as piercing as the tip of his blade.

Winston's aide shouted out, "The Annihilation Cannon!"


Winston looked up and saw a piercing brilliance lighting up from the distant darkness. "Did the Truth Union not abort?!"

The Truth Union had actually decided to cancel the firing, postpone the attack, and observe first, but at this moment, the armory's authority was still in the hands of Vice-Chairman Andrew.

"Fire—That being came from the dream realm. It's a dream beast! There's no justice or righteousness when it comes to a battle between dream beasts. It is just the strong preying on the weak. Understand?! What are you all hesitating for when an even more dangerous entity than the previous one is right in front of us?!"

Andrew silenced any opposing voices and tossed the analysis in his hands that verified the elf atop the griffin was a true being of the dream realm. At the same time, he gave the order to continue firing the Aether Annihilation Cannon.

The firing of the Aether Annihilation Cannon that had been temporarily postponed was restarted. After a few minutes, it was completely readied and had its sights set on the elf.


Massive aether energy converged into a beam of destruction that arrived on the battlefield in the blink of an eye.

With his silken armor rustling in the wind, the elf raised his sword. Glancing at the distance with a frown, he muttered to himself, “A second stage? Or some summoned little monster? Oh well, let’s just cut it.”

And he did.

The elf king gripped the sword tight and spurred his griffin to fly higher. The glimmer of his sword was like a blazing flame as he cleaved in all directions as it crashed against the blast of the Aether Annihilation Cannon.

Flame and light collided, and the high energy aether formed a spherical force field, ripping up large pieces of the ground that were instantly devoured by white light.

Glaring white light extended in all directions and shot into the vortex within the dark thunder clouds. Huge quantities of water and clouds evaporated and the atmosphere turned into a vacuum.

The cloud layer was split apart, revealing bright rays of light.


“The rain has stopped.”

A researcher in the mechanical department's uniform climbing on a ladder saw sunlight in the distance and said to his colleague at the side.

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This place was the city center between the Upper and Lower District, also known as the 'Machine Loop', a zone specially created for the Truth Union's research.

The center, from underground to the upper levels, was like a complicated hive-like structure full of factories and laboratories.

His fellow researcher beside him, who was holding a file, didn’t even bother looking up. “It doesn’t concern us even if the sky were to fall. Focus on your own task first.”

“That’s true but...”

Beep, beep.

The researcher on the stepladder pulled out his communications device and his face fell. “There’s a problem. The factory where the ‘Clay Idol Project’ is housed reported an attack on them.”

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