Chapter 82: Emerging From Legends
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 82: Emerging From Legends

Central District, Truth Union General Office, highest floor conference room.

Everyone stared quietly at the screen as they listened to the cold mechanical voice announcing.

"White 3 Class 4 Weapons Store votes to authorize."

"White 3 has voted to authorize the Aether Annihilation Cannon."

"Notion passed."

"All departments are to return to their posts. The Aether Annihilation Cannon is being readied..."


Ji Zhixiu looked up at the humongous humanoid creature the size of a mountain.

Thunderclouds and lightning shrouded around it, concealing parts of its massive body. Scales all over made some sort of armor, covering a layer of glossy, gluey fluid. In its hands was a black axe as well as a shield.

Further upwards was a squirming mass of noises and a pair of eyes brimming with white electricity.

Such a giant monstrosity was as astounding as the legends told. Even the city beneath its feet seemed tiny and insignificant.

However, this gargantuan monster that ought to immediately catch the attention of the masses in this rain-stricken city didn’t trigger any panic at all.

It came with the lightning and opened a door at the same time...

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Ji Zhixiu knew this and all other extraordinary beings could sense it.

Because, this place was no longer reality… a fracture of the dream realm had been open and the boundaries between dream and reality had become blurred.

The reason the Magic Ovum Mirror got its name was firstly because of its ability to captivate hearts during its 'infancy'.

All that gazed at it would develop an insatiable desire to possess it and the effect only got stronger the longer the interaction.

It could control other creatures to do everything for itself and source the required nutrients it needed.

In a certain sense, it could be described as a type of magical object.

Therefore, the usual practice when discovering a Magic Ovum Mirror was to destroy it immediately.

One definitely needed to take measures to safeguard oneself should there be a need to utilize it. If not, very few people could recover from its influence.

Secondly, during its 'maturity', which was after it had absorbed sufficient nutrients, a Magic Ovum Mirror would become an 'egg' which dream realm creatures hatched from. Under the right conditions, a creature from the dream realm could use it to arrive in reality.

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