Chapter 63: Businessman
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Ji Bonong had to admit that he had severely miscalculated this time.

As the head of Rolle Resource Development Company, he naturally had close ties with countless organizations.

He had dealings with the Truth Union, Secret Rite Tower, hunters, magicians, churches, and ordinary citizens, and would rarely find himself having miscalculated in his plans.

But this time, he seemed to have blundered twice in a row dealing with his own daughter.

His own kin whom he thought he completely understood had actually surprised him and even foreseen his actions and considerations.

This was partially due to his own carelessness and natural trust in his daughter, but a miscalculation was still a miscalculation, regardless of the situations.

This left Ji Bonong awash with complicated emotions.

There was 'disgrace' from having his 'calculations' contradicted by his daughter.

There was also gratification that his daughter had truly grown up even though he hadn't been there to witness the process.

There was also guilt from neglecting his daughter for so many years.

Unknowingly, the image of this young girl awkwardly struggling with learning etiquette had already become a fine woman who exuded confidence and had made her own father fall into her trap.

Those hereditary iron-gray eyes were the calm, patient eyes of a hunter.

"Is this your bargaining chip..."

Ji Bonong eyed the book in Ji Zhixiu's hand.

Blood and Beast was the title of this book and its contents were the reason behind how Ji Zhixiu had gotten so strong in such a short time.

However, he understood that this book wasn't necessarily the bargaining chip Ji Zhixiu talked about. Or perhaps it wasn't just this book.

As Ji Zhixiu's father, Ji Bonong was well versed with his daughter's 'innate talent' at being a hunter.

Her first sordid blood injection had been from a batch of Ji Bonong's goods.

That's right. Rolle Resource Development Company was just a mega conglomerate that monopolized the resource industry in the lower districts to the eyes of ordinary people. However, in the world of extraordinary beings, it was a circulation channel for many goods that were out of the ordinary.

Therefore, it could be said that the process of Ji Zhixiu becoming a hunter then establishing herself within them had been entirely within Ji Bonong's scope of control. It was only after Ji Zhixiu had been amongst the hunters for some time and gradually gained her own power did Ji Bonong relaxed the protection around her.

However, the most fundamental protection hadn't been dropped at all. For example, the red pear-shaped earring Ji Zhixiu wore was actually a philosopher's stone with a high level of purity, inscribed with a resurrection sigil left behind by a Supreme-rank white magician.

The artifact's name was 'Tear of Blaze' and even Rolle Resource Development Company only had one such piece which Ji Bonong gave to Ji Zhixiu.

Thus, Ji Bonong had always viewed the actions of his daughter merely as stress-relieving entertainment.

Up till Ji Zhixiu got caught up in the Magic Ovum Mirror affair and had even written down such audacious plans in her diary.

Ji Bonong's understanding of his daughter was that she definitely couldn't have gotten so much stronger all of a sudden. Furthermore, Ji Zhixiu hadn't injected even more sordid blood either.

Moreover, the plans that were recorded down were unbelievable. Making plans hadn't been a strong point of Ji Zhixiu. However, those written plans were thoroughly meticulous and the contents inside were like a violent storm threatening to blow up.

Ji Bonong was able to perceive that there was definitely someone guiding Ji Zhixiu from behind.

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

It wasn't the book but its origins that was important.

Ji Zhixiu placed the book on the table, then clasped her chin once more. "Call off your subordinate."

Feeling helpless, Ji Bonong called for his subordinate to return. What had been placed in the hidden compartment was a fake copy.

"Looks like he has really changed you greatly."

Ji Bonong then went on with a heavy tone. "However, this still isn't enough to convince me. Such a decision involves Rolle Resource Development a lot."

Ji Zhixiu didn't find it surprising that her father knew about the contact between herself and the bookstore owner. She replied, "Businessmen are willing to do anything as long as there are sufficient benefits involved. I believe that you wouldn't be an exception."

"It might be so for ordinary businessmen, but we are different..." said Ji Bonong.

Ji Zhixiu interrupted, "A book like this is merely something that can be casually sold over the counter. If his approval and distribution rights are obtained, would you consider it good or bad for the company?"

Ji Bonong pondered for a bit before speaking, "But, from the information provided by Secret Rite Tower, that S-rank's stance is still considered undetermined."

"From my few interactions, I can see that Mr. Lin has his own set of principles and actions and acts like how a 'bookstore owner' is supposed to be. As long as you comply with his wishes, he is actually rather good-natured and amicable."

Ji Zhixiu then continued, "However, I'm not an expert at this, nor do I have the qualifications to speak with Mr. Lin on behalf of Rolle Resource Development. If you think that this matter is feasible, it would be best to personally go over and have a chat. Then you can decide whether to trash my plans, or... continue implementing it."


In a dark room, the remaining senior members of White Wolf were seated around a table and in the midst of an intense argument.

White Wolf leader, Heris, was seated at the head of the table.

"The situation is getting even more and more severe. We have lots of casualties and our numbers are dwindling. We no longer have any way of continuing to battle with Secret Rite Tower!"

"They haven't even dispatched higher-level knights yet. There's no chance of victory anymore..."

"Stop saying such useless things. We have already reached a point where we have no way of stopping and can only continue on!"

"How do we continue?! Scarlet Cult has been completely defeated. Without sufficient power, there's also no way of incubating the Magic Ovum Mirror. I don't even know how we can even continue!"

“Sir Heris, you see..."


Heris raised his voice as he stood up and slammed the table. "All of you shut up. We still have a chance!"

Everyone quietened down and looked towards Heris.

Heris eyed the entire room with a malevolent expression as he enunciated each word clearly. "Remember. Our goal is to hatch the Magic Ovum Mirror and not to defeat Secret Rite Tower. We will win as long as we get the ovum to hatch."


"I don't wish to hear any more wavering. In three days, the Truth Union will be transporting a batch of Sky Silver Stones at 78th Avenue. We must get our hands on them, understood?"


Everyone got up and bowed. For the time being, it was unanimous.

After everyone had left, Heris leaned back in his chair. He no longer had the same confident expression and what remained was only weariness and loss.

A batch of Sky Silver Stones wasn't enough to hatch the Magic Ovum Mirror. Heris had said all that to get them to stop fighting.

In actuality, White Wolf had already reached a dead end.

"I can help you resolve your problem."

"Who are you!" Heris got up suddenly and looked in the direction of this voice.

A pair of cold, snake-like pupils stared at him through the darkness, accompanied by a muffled yet alluring tone. "The Magic Ovum Mirror is a torch and the most precious fuel is life..."

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