Chapter 62: Blood and Flesh Gospel
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 62: Blood and Flesh Gospel

Ji Zhixiu was reading.

The lace-wrapped table lamp emitted a bright light that wasn't glaring, illuminating the many books and scrolls on the desk, a flower vase with daisies, an ink bottle with a feathered quill, a pearl adorned incense box, and a pair of glasses.

The surroundings were very quiet and the only sound came from the swish of pages being turned.

Of course, with her current hearing ability, she could easily hear the breathing and heartbeats of the two maids cleaning the house downstairs, just that there was no need to expand her hearing range to that extent now and it was also a sort of torture at the same time.

Due to her increasing power, Ji Zhixiu's control of her entire body had already reached a stage that was close to the pinnacle.

If Ji Zhixiu wanted to, she could even precisely control any single strand of hair on her body.

Most importantly, she was on the verge of thoroughly taming the wild beast within her blood.

As long as she could do so, achieving Destructive-rank would just be around the corner.


Ji Zhixiu took a deep breath, closed the book, and calmed herself down.

Hints of peppermint, rosemary, and lemon grass wafted out from the incense box and perked her spirits when it entered her nose.

Blood and Beast wasn't just as simple as controlling the sordid blood within her body.

The more Ji Zhixiu studied, the more she realized the profound and deep horrors within.

Blood and Beast... was actually 'Soul' and 'Flesh'.

Blood and soul were the currencies of life. As they circulate and flow within the body, aether is induced.

Controlling blood within the body was just the first step.

How to use that blood and thoroughly turn the beast into her own power was the true path to become stronger.

Right now, Ji Zhixiu was just in control of the amount of blood she had injected into her body.

If she could absorb more, and even obtain the sordid blood of other types of dream beasts, how terrifying would that level of power be...

The power that hunters could harness definitely wasn't just limited to

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