Chapter 444: Silver Dragon
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 444: Silver Dragon

It was obvious that the black cover was photocopied, and it even looked a little cheap.

A photocopying machine had been obtained through illegal smuggling to the Lower District, and with a devoted heart that person accepted the guidance from the god... and made several copies of that book. The power of the book's words didn't decrease at all, and instead was replicated many times.

Making multiple copies of Boss Lin's book was something even Wilde didn't dare dream about, yet these people had actually done it.

However, it wasn't that easy to understand Boss Lin's book. Only two or three people out of several dozen in the Lower District had this book.

The leader of the Lower District monsters, whom Stephanie had called 'Stone,' widened his beastly eyes. The squirming tentacles on his chin seemed to dance agitatedly as if unable to hide his excitement. He had neither eyelashes nor eyelids, and his eyes were glossy like that of a fish.

This was the first time they had set foot in the Upper District. Precisely put, the Village of Dark Night wasn't part of the Lower District but a transition area between the Upper and Lower District.

However, this was indeed the Church of Pestilence's first step. Allowing the residents of the Lower District to step back once more into the Upper District... This was the Church of Pestilence's ambition.

Moreover, the dark elves were just their pawns. The ones who really wanted to open the dark elves' path wasn't Stephanie, but the Church of Pestilence.

The original plan had been for Stephanie to kill Cherry and work with another Ash Chamber of Commerce higher-up to ally with the Church of Pestilence in the Lower District. However, it was laughable how she hadn't even been able to deal with Cherry.

That once ambitious mind of the 'Spider Woman' was now just a puddle of brain mush.

Wilde didn't even need to think to know that the current situation was a dog-eat-dog. However, that jet-black book cover was like a black hole, sucking away almost all of his strength.

The leader of the

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