Chapter 443: Feel The Grace Of God
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 443: Feel The Grace Of God

Every single one of Stephanie's beady spider eyes focused on Wilde as her face paled. "Who exactly are you?" she asked.

Wilde replied with a sinister chuckle, "The person about to dismember you and turn you into a specimen. In other words, the one who will become your master."

Meanwhile, Bella led Cherry away from Stephanie and the two hid in a corner.

Stephanie was now a flesh spider. She had the form of a spider, but her outer appearance was still human. Stephanie, who had been confident after devouring part of Sandalphon's power, now felt a little timid in the face of Wilde's immense strength.

She opened her mouth, her lower jaw widening, and a white substance spurted out from glands within her throat that turned into webbing the moment it left her mouth.

Wilde scoffed indifferently, and a blank ink-like gas, carrying with it the terrifying aura of death, slowly rose all across the room.

Thick, slippery tentacles appeared at the bottom of Charlotte's white dress in an instant. Wilde didn't bat an eyelid, but there was a mocking smile on his face. His upper body maintained the graceful beauty of a young noble lady, while his lower half was now all tentacles.

"Urghh," Cherry gagged as she watched from the corner. These two were monsters.

Wilde had indeed fulfilled his duty and protected Cherry according to Boss Lin's orders. It was just that Stephanie was way too weak in the face of the black magician, whereas Wilde had already awakened the domain of his 'Eventuality' Law.

In the history of mankind, transcendents that could comprehend their own power of Law could be counted with the fingers on one's hands. Wilde was one of them.

It would be too easy for him to kill Stephanie, but he wanted to see how much of Sandalphon's power she had absorbed; thus, Wilde actually went back and forth when fighting her. The gulf between the two of them was like a special forces soldier with a heavy arsenal facing off against a child wielding a small knife.

Webbing shot from Stephanie's body flew toward Wilde who raised

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