Chapter 406: We Await Your Return
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 406: We Await Your Return

Humphrey joined the Central District's central administration when he was 21, having a job that almost everyone would envy.

The so-called central administration was considered the uncrowned king of Norzin, or rather, was the ruling authority resided in the first place, just that they hid the crown. The upper echelons were the adjudication bureau made up of twelve people of noble status. With this adjudication bureau as the highest point, they managed the whole of Norzin from the top down.

They allowed other transcendent organizations such as Secret Rite Tower and the Truth Union to emerge, but they had to obey the central administration.

Mortal organizations were allowed to rise as well—Rolle Resource, for example. However, everyone knew that Rolle Resource was the former army of the kingdom and lackeys to those nobles.

Therefore, a job in the Central District's central administration was considered a true 'iron rice bowl.'

Every citizen of Norzin was governed by the central administration from the moment they were born, a truth written in stone.

The central administration's management wasn't cruel, and no one objected to it because they had a large number of transcendent abilities and beings that controlled and protected Norzin's lifeblood.

Humphrey's background was rather ordinary. His family's repute wasn't spectacular, but still much stronger than most commoners. However, at the same time, Humphrey didn't have the talent of a transcendent being. People like him who came from such backgrounds formed almost all of the lower echelons of the central administration.

However, Humphrey was very fortunate, because he witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon and became a transcendent. This phenomenon was the awakening of a power within the bloodline of his family, just that it hadn't appeared for a long time.

Logically, he received training from the central administration, unexpectedly discovering his abilities of detection and countersurveillance, and becoming a white magician.

Thus, he became an overseer.

He t

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