Chapter 405: Time To Head Home
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 405: Time To Head Home

Franca skipped back to her seat, having achieved her purpose for attending this auction.

"We can go now, Mike," said Franca with a satisfied smile.

Ji Bonong fell into thought as he watched Franca head off. For a moment, he couldn't tell if Franca was crazy or calm.

He then turned to gaze at the other guests.

The order in which Boss Lin had chosen was thought, soul, flesh, and upcoming was fate... Most of the audience that hadn't been chosen either had their thoughts controlled or shackled by their souls. At this moment, their limbs and bodies had started to melt or reassemble.

Yet, Franca was perfectly fine.

Ji Bonong thought to himself, She is the owner of that book, after all, for being able to take Blood Sacrifice away. Perhaps that's her merit, being able to stay calm in the face of such a terrifying scene. Such a person can calmly offer her own kind to the divine.

"Mike, come on." Franca turned back and called out to her servant once more.

"Yes, my lady." It was like Mike had his soul sucked out of him. He gazed at Franca and followed after, not knowing whether it was because of his desire for Blood Sacrifice.

While Ji Bonong was puzzled, he instantly came to an understanding.

After all, the book had already made its choice, and this was the best outcome.

"Let us continue." Ji Bonong rearranged his thoughts and smiled at the audience in front of him.

Upon hearing another book titled Book of Destinies being presented, Franca turned around just as she was about to leave, curious at this book which had caused a rising murmuring among the audience.

She stopped and looked back at the book, only to see the title read Water Margin...

However, she no longer wanted to understand why this was so. Perhaps she was just that lousy. Franca couldn't help feeling a little uncomfortable deep down, and thus, she clutched the book tightly and left.

Sigh, these books are probably books that only idiots can't understand...

Franca resigned herself to the fact that she was probably an idiot.

This auction kept mak

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