Chapter 345: I Killed Someone Today
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 345: I Killed Someone Today

"Come to think of it… It’s been a while since I last saw Silver.” Standing in the familiar field of irises, gazing at the tower tree, Lin Jie rubbed the ring on his finger and muttered to himself.

It wasn’t that he didn’t wish to have pleasant chats with a beautiful member of the fairer sex everyday, but Lin Jie had many more things to do in recent times than before, especially with the management and operations of the book cafe.

While it seemed like he had been slacking, Mu’en had to learn everything from scratch. She could use common sense or pick up simple skills very quickly, but for complicated business operations like ‘running a book cafe’, Mu’en had to understand the relevant knowledge first, then spend more time to understand it.

Currently, Mu’en was more used to following orders and carrying them out meticulously. If she was let to do things on her own, Mu’en would spend a long time at a loss… Thus, Lin Jie had to make the arrangements himself.

With things to do in the day, he wanted to sleep normally at night.

Well, that wasn't actually the main reason either.

The real reason was that Silver had been away a lot recently…

That's right. Lin Jie hadn’t been able to find Silver at all after he re-entered this dream realm later on and could only stare blankly at the irises and falling snow for consecutive days.

After a couple more times, Lin Jie was no longer that obsessed with chatting with her every night.

This was clearly Silver's dream, but he often couldn't often see her in person, which puzzled Lin Jie.

However, every time Silver reappeared and Lin Jie tried to ask about it, the former would always reveal a sly smile and put a finger to her lips, saying things like “it’s a secret”, “you’ll know in time”, and “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I speak about it in advance”.

So be it… Lin Jie pursed his lips. He was somewhat tired of this tantalizing mystery.

However, even if he knew that it was all done on purpose, he didn’t choose to get to the bottom of it.

After all, if it were a man teasing him

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