Chapter 344: Entering Dream
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 344: Entering Dream

Greg’s hands were trembling, and his heart racing. Even though he wanted to elatedly turn on his communications device and tell Winston the great news, his intuition suddenly made him vigilant.

After several previous scares, Greg would no longer believe the words of this manipulative demon that easily. He was aware that he would only continue to be tricked by this guy if he kept it up.

Therefore, he had also picked up on the words ‘process’ and ‘twisted.’

Greg took a deep breath trying to suppress the excitement in his heart. With a quivering voice, he tried his best to sound as calm as possible. “Yes, I once heard an old saying; a just cause attracts more support, an unjust one finds little. Wilde’s biggest failure is that he’s a cold and cruel loner that acts on his own whims. However, Sir Joseph is different. Everything he does is to safeguard Norzin and to protect the weak!”

Greg clenched his fists as he spoke, “Those he protects with all his might will naturally repay him one day. I’ve always believed that, so… so I followed him. No matter when, even if he falls to the lowest depths, I want him to know that we’ve always been grateful and supported him!

“All his efforts were worth it! We have never forgotten about him!"

His speech was impassioned, like a fanatical fan going on a fervent rant. Lin Jie raised his hand and applauded lightly.

At the same time, he couldn’t help comparing Greg to John, who had gone on a rambling tirade just now. They both were indeed young sons of noble families and had an eloquence when it came to words.

However, John, who was probably finished now, clearly didn’t use those skills in the right way.

Greg felt dizzy after he was done, realizing that he had already stood up rather unsteadily. He immediately gave an awkward smile and sat back down, cleared his throat and said sheepishly, “In any case… What you said is totally right. But what were you referring to by saying… twists and turns?”

I'm not a fortune-teller. How would I know what would happen if the two of them really fought?!

The dissension between Joseph and Wilde had lasted for so many years already that it was impossible to smile and put an end to their grudges as soon as they met. If the two fought, things would definitely get messy.

‘Twist and turns’ was just to give himself a way out… If the two really fought and Wilde came out on top, it would be considered part of the ‘twists and turns.’

It made sense.

However, why did Wilde have the image of a ‘cold and cruel’ villain in the eyes of those in Joseph’s camp?

…A skinny old crippled empty nester like Wilde who spends all his time absorbed in academic research really didn’t seem coherent with those two words, but well, perception is shaped by belief, huh.

It seems that the enmity between these two people are really deep-rooted!

Lin Jie solemnly folded his arms and rubbed his chin as he continued slowly, “While Joseph has supporters like you and has a much better execution, Wilde is better at planning…

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