Chapter 340: Call
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Lin Jie was stumped. What sort of question is this?

For some reason, it was vaguely like the age-old question of whether he would save his girlfriend or mother if they both fell into the water at the same time.

Lin Jie took a sip of tea to hide the strange expression he had.

But… Joseph and Wilde. Lin Jie thought that these two old friends were close to reconciling, so why did it sound like something bad was about to happen?

Greg was a disciple of Joseph after all. He definitely wouldn't be asking this for no reason. The most likely possibility was that the two were already on opposing sides.

Could it be that the misunderstanding of Old Wil joining an MLM company has not been resolved yet? No, no, no… With Old Wil's personality, he probably wouldn't even bother to explain.

And Joseph with his irritable and straightforward temper... As long as he makes a decision from the facts he knows, he would definitely follow his instincts and not listen to any explanation.

Such a vicious cycle would cause the misunderstanding between those two to continuously worsen...

Assuming that the relationship between the two of them continued to deteriorate, Greg, a kid who had just been accepted as Joseph's apprentice less than a year ago, naturally wouldn't be too aware about the long standing animosity between the two, nor would he care about any misunderstandings.

In fact, even Lin Jie himself didn't know what exactly happened between the two of them in the past. He only knew that Joseph's missing arm was related to Wilde and that the reason Wilde lived in seclusion was also because of Joseph. It was easy to imagine how tragic the conflict between the two could be just based on these.

As for the current question, there weren't any basic conditions, so it was impossible to come to any conclusion.

Therefore, Greg probably wasn't here to ask who would win. He just wanted to hear the conclusion that Joseph came out on top.

Now, Greg had really given Lin Jie a conundrum indeed. The difficult part didn’t

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