Chapter 339: Straight Balling
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 339: Straight Balling


Greg froze when he heard that before shuddering and immediately raising his vigilance.

Here it comes… The technique often used by the bookstore owner, mentioned in so many reports.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Starting a topic, as if it’s a normal conversation to talk about one’s woes while the bookstore owner played the role of a nice and good person. Yet in reality, that was all to entice the target into letting down their guard as traps were systematically weaved in, awaiting for the target to be caught.

Then, as the conversation gradually progressed, the rhythm would become entirely dictated by the bookstore owner as the target's way of thought subconsciously fell into his control.

When one’s information started to be revealed, the trust in the bookstore owner would also strangely reach an unfathomable level. The sort where one could sell their souls to the other party willingly.

Up till now, anyone that had entered the bookstore or interacted with the owner of the bookstore would basically become a fan of this demon as long as they didn’t show any clear signs of hostility.

It was as if someone had tampered with their perception… No, while Secret Rite Tower had yet to witness this process, they believed it to actually be some form of mind manipulation by the bookstore owner.

As for those that displayed hostility… they were pretty much rotting in their graves.

Greg had felt worried the first time he heard about this. His idol, Joseph, had been one such person.

Fortunately, Joseph remained rational and had an objective evaluation of the bookstore owner. He also had a clear understanding of the harm that the bookstore could cause.

The things that the bookstore owner asked of him had always been good, so Joseph had always helped him out of kindness.

…At least, that was what Greg thought. He attributed this to Sir Joseph's own personal will.

It really was like Sir Joseph to rely on his faith in justice to defeat the despicable methods of the owner of the evil bookstore!

While Joseph, who was at his lowest at that point of time, had been defeated by this demon in a moment of carelessness, Sir Joseph was still Sir Joseph. His indomitable will that burned like a flame was most worthy of following.

Therefore, as Joseph's apprentice on probation, he, Greg, could not embarrass his teacher in the face of the same trick!

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