Chapter 3: Blood And Beast
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 3: Blood And Beast

"Beast Mutation!"

Ji Zhixiu nearly shot right up from her seat out of shock, but she managed to restrain her impulse at the final moment.

These words were so firmly etched in her mind as if they had been there all this while. She wondered if this searing pain was something one would feel when being branded.

Beast Transformation: Drawing power from blood, and using blood to control…

Ji Zhixiu’s eyelids twitched as she held the book with hands trembling in trepidation. What exactly was this?!

Hunters drew their strength from the sordid blood of dream beasts. Through injecting themselves with a drug made out of sordid blood, they could gain a portion of the power of the abyss. However, such an act was extremely dangerous, and there was a high chance of dying on the first injection.

This eventually became known as the threshold for becoming a hunter.

On top of that, if the dosage exceeded a certain limit, the hunter would be unable to control the devastating prowess of the sordid blood in his body and become ‘infected’, leading to the occurrence of a certain phenomenon.

This phenomenon could be split into three stages: Personality distortion, loss of rationality, and physical mutation.

The higher the concentration of sordid blood, the stronger the hunter and the prowess of the transformation.

Amongst the different types of physical mutation, the most commonly seen one was beast mutation.

And it was nigh impossible to control a beast mutation!

Veteran hunters who had accumulated too much sordid blood possessed unimaginable strength, but at the same time, they underwent great suffering due to their beast mutation phenomenon.

It was true that Ji Zhixiu had considered ‘casting aside her humanity’ to undergo a second injection so as to gain the power needed to exact vengeance, but she had never thought that this mysterious bookstore owner would actually give her the method to control sordid blood!

This meant that she would be able to control her beast mutation, a problem which neither hunters nor magicians had been able to solve since ancient times!


Sensing the blood in her body slowly coming under her control, Ji Zhixiu’s raspy voice quivered in a mixture of excitement and agitation as she asked, “Is this what you want me to do?”

The man standing before her was a real madman!

An unbelievably powerful one at that!

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To clarify some queries, based on the timeline of the raws,  i'm really not the lord of demons on webnovel is the copy of this novel. The synopsis, premise and starting plot is rather similar as a result of the wn one plagarizing IRNDGL. Basically, the author of the other novel copied a whole bunch and changed the setting before developing his own plot later on.

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