Chapter 2: Words Heal And Teach
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 2: Words Heal And Teach

Over the years, Lin Jie had chatted with all sorts of customers and grasped some basic observation and communication abilities.

The line ‘you seem to have encountered some trouble’ didn't carry any significance on its own. It was similar to how fortune tellers would always start with, "There's an ominous aura looming around you."—it was a psychological suggestion.

It was somewhat like a flag in a game. Once the conditions are met, the next part of the conversation would follow suit.

Whenever people hear the word "trouble", they would subconsciously ponder over whether they had really encountered any recent trouble. It went without saying that the lives of most people wouldn't be smooth sailing all the way.

Troubles, whether big or small, were still troubles.

And once a customer began grumbling, it would be time for Teacher Lin to dole out chicken soup and close the distance.

However, there was also a chance of failure when resorting to these sorts of cold-reading tricks.

For example, the other party could be really blessed with extreme luck throughout their life, or perhaps, he might be guarded against strangers, making it difficult to communicate.

However, Lin Jie was very confident that he could make this person open up, for the drenched lady before him was indeed in an extremely terrible predicament.

Ji Zhixiu was wiping herself dry when she suddenly stopped in her tracks to raise her head and look at the smiling young man behind the counter. "Yes, I've encountered a vexing problem."

She was unable to determine whether this person was friend or foe, but even if he was a foe, it was unlikely for her to escape from this seemingly mystical entity in her current weakened state.

Since he was making things unnecessarily complicated, she would just play along with him.She would find out this fellow's objective and see how divine he was.

If he was a friend, this would be a pleasant surprise.

If he was an enemy, then she would seize more time for her to rest.

Meanwhile, Lin Jie noticed that her eyes weren't black but a shade of iron gray. There were glittering specks in her pupils that resembled beautifully polished gems. At the top of her ear, there was a three centimeter gash that was still glistening with blood.

No matter how he looked at her, this woman was someone with many stories to share.

Lin Jie asked, "Are you facing troubles in your interpersonal relationships?"

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