Chapter 224: I’ve Reported The Bookstore
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 224: I’ve Reported The Bookstore

“Wilde appeared? In the vicinity of the bookstore?” Joseph narrowed his eyes.

Judging from the amount of time they had spent trying to hurt each other, Wilde could rightly be called his nemesis. Furthermore, that battle he had with Wilde had been a crux moment which forever changed his life.

He wouldn't have lost his arm if not for that battle and wouldn't have been plagued by the demon sword's curse which led to him falling from grace.

Even though Wilde seemed to have been blown up by Joseph, the former still had managed to deal a number on the latter. Even worse was that all the old wounds Joseph had accumulated were reopened, and his mental state was also greatly affected.

All of this led him to step back and leave the battlefield.

Yet if not because of this, Joseph wouldn't have come across the bookstore while on his pursuit of Wilde, which ushered in a true turning point in his life — the opportunity to become a Supreme-rank!

After battling the false god within the dream realm, Joseph had truly rediscovered that sword within him.

He could feel that he was already at the final stretch at becoming a Supreme-rank.

And this stretch was now his obsession.

Just like the obsession he had with the battle two years ago!

Once he found Wilde and defeated him, Joseph believed he would truly have the ability to ascend to Supreme-rank and finally reach the level that countless transcendent beings could only dream of.

Claude methodically relayed the information he had obtained so far, “Wilde materialized a short distance away from the bookstore's door, we suspected that it's some sort of technique that has mastery over time and space.

"But judging from the large canine with him as well as the spatial fluctuations occurring at that moment, we believe that he has obtained a Sky Wolf as a summon.”

"Sky Wolf... Interesting."

Joseph took some time to think and had a flash of realization. "Isn't the original formula used by the hunter organization White Wolf originating from the Sky Wolf? During the battle back then, there were some traces of W

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