Chapter 78: Reconstruction Complete
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 78: Reconstruction Complete

The great dragon city lord, the self-proclaimed Black Beast King Louie, had returned to his lair at the peak of Dragon City.

The city itself was constructed upon a mountain, with the center of the city at its peak and the remainder built upon the downward slopes.

At the peak was naturally the lord’s residence, which was now Louie’s lair. His residence was the palatial church that the Theocracy had constructed over its 300-year administration of the territory.

Below the lord’s residence was the noble district, but it was largely devoid of any of the original nobles as most of them had run away during the siege. A small part of those that remained had been killed under Louie’s orders. They had irritated him with their clamor over their heritage and history within the city. He had promptly declared all of their past accomplishments and rights as moot within his new administration.

According to his plans, the future nobles’ district would be populated by talented individuals as well as their families. Although he would not confer upon them de jure nobility, in the future, they would certainly form a new caste of aristocrats.

As he had never been oppressed by nobility before, he held no strong feelings about their past actions. Nevertheless, he despised the cycle of oppression such a system generated. Even commoners who had once suffered under the yoke of aristocrats would become torturers themselves after being granted superior positions.

Well, that would be a matter for the future, and he might not be around to witness it anyways. It was very possible that he would have ascended by then. It was not like he could convince them about the merits of democracy anyways. In this world, the average level of intelligence was quite low, and they wouldn’t understand why it was a better system.

Below the noble district was the largest district, the civilian district. Gazing upon the neatly organized rows of buildings, the squarish area contained residences, market spaces, town squares, and offices. In the future, it would contain entert

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