Chapter 650 - South Korean Old Driver
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 650 - South Korean Old Driver

"South Korea's nights are truly splendid. They live up to my friend’s descriptions!"

Near Gangnam Station in Seoul's subway, a young man in his twenties walked out of a shop and exclaimed to the sky.

It was already past ten at night, and the passersby only gave him a glance without saying much. This young man spoke in Chinese, and the locals couldn't understand.

Gangnam District in Seoul was one of the most affluent districts. Almost all the famous and wealthy people in South Korea lived here. The eponymous Gangnam-style dance was actually performed here.

The one expressing his feelings about life was none other than the well-known Bilibili streamer ‘Tomato’.

Three years ago, Tomato transitioned from being an unsuccessful writer to becoming a streamer. Initially, he was just an outdoor streamer on Bilibili, with moderate fame and earnings enough to make ends meet. However, everything changed over two years ago.

Even now, recalling that time, Tomato still felt a lingering fear. If he were to face a similar danger again, even if it would turn him into a top streamer, Tomato probably wouldn't be willing.

Over two years ago, Tomato experienced the disaster caused by the Deep Ones in Tokyo. He had gone to Tokyo to livestream, wanting to gain more fans and increase his viewership. Unfortunately, he coincidentally encountered the invasion of the Deep Ones in Tokyo. He kept his stream live while fleeing, and witnessed the terrifying Deep Ones wreak havoc in the metropolis and the war between the Deep Ones and the military.

In the end, they witnessed the superhuman battle between the immortal of China and the Deep Ones' High Priest, as well as the awe-inspiring power of the Torch Dragon that turned day into night and night into day.

Tomato narrowly escaped being killed by a Deep One. In the end, he survived the chaos by sheer luck. Over the course of the events he amassed thousands of viewers and rose in popularity substantially afterward.

Although he was not on par with the top-tier streamers in the industry, he

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