Chapter 649 - Eve of Disaster
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 649 - Eve of Disaster

Inside the Blue House, the South Korean President's face turned pale. He had received several calls, some from leaders of other countries and others from the true rulers of South Korea - the leaders of capitalist conglomerates like Samsung.

The calls from foreign leaders were mostly diplomatic niceties, acknowledging the events in Seoul and offering support. Despite their calm tones, the South Korean President could sense a hint of sarcasm in their voices.

The situation worsened as China and Japan joined forces against South Korea, worsening the President's embarrassment.

Calls from the leaders of conglomerates like Samsung were even more unpleasant, treating him like a dog and threatening him if he failed to resolve the situation.

The President felt panic rising, considering the fate of previous South Korean leaders who had ended up in prison.

Knowing that he would likely be the scapegoat for the current crisis, the President regretted not taking the proper action the moment the government gained knowledge of Lee Uijin's activities. If Seoul suffered significant losses, he would be the one held accountable.

Earlier, he had mocked Japan and the United States for the chaos in Tokyo caused by supernatural forces. Now, the tables had turned, and South Korea was facing a crisis.

"We must find a way to survive; we must find a solution," the President thought urgently.

He panicked as sweat drenched his face. He understood that other countries wouldn't allow South Korea to be completely destroyed by these monsters. If the creatures left South Korean borders and headed elsewhere, it would become a global calamity, and other nations wouldn't stand by idly.

However, he knew that foreign rescue teams wouldn't arrive immediately. They would likely study the weaknesses of these monsters, devise strategies, and perhaps extort South Korea before intervening.

Before receiving foreign aid, South Korea had to endure the initial fierce attacks.

"Our descendants have been trained for so long! It's time for them to fulfill t

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