Chapter 588 - The Revelation of the Lord
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 588 - The Revelation of the Lord

The Archbasilica of St. John Lateran, commonly known as the Lateran Basilica, is considered the mother church of the worldwide Catholic Church. It is one of the four major papal basilicas in Rome and serves as the cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. This basilica has a long history of significance and has been a prominent place of worship for Catholics for many centuries. In recent months, it has gained even greater fame.

It was the church where the resurrected body of Christ was placed after he had sent Satan to hell. It was also in this place where the re-ascension of Christ took place.

So many miracles had occurred to make this ancient church the greatest temple in the hearts of Christians today.

After the ascension of Christ, the administration of the church, which should have been in the hands of the Pope, was given to the Saintess Mirda, an angel given to the people by Christ.

This basilica used to be open to visitors in the past, and after the ascension of Christ, it became a place of daily worship with bustling crowds. The government had suggested to the church that the basilica should be permanently closed and preserved as a historical monument. However, Saintess Mirda disagreed with this proposal. She believed that the basilica was a place of blessing from the Lord for His flock, and it couldn't be closed to the lambs of the Lord.

The saintess who possessed angelic power now held a position within the church that was nearly equal to that of the Pope himself. She was the true wielder of supernatural abilities, and her beauty and saintly demeanor have garnered her a significant following among fans of the fantasy genre. This has made the Saintess Milda quite popular worldwide.

Upon Pope Francis I's arrival at the Lateran Basilica, he witnessed the nun offering blessings to the devoted. This daily ritual at the Lateran Basilica provided an opportunity for devout followers of Christ, irrespective of their socioeconomic status, to receive healing if they were afflicted with physical ailments.


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