Chapter 580 - The Ancients
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 580 - The Ancients

The ravings of that Norse scholar brought the people back to their senses, only to be followed by an even more frightening revelation.

Twilight of the Gods?!

Just hearing this term was enough to shake their psyches.

Everyone looked toward him. Under the reflection of the azure sea, each and every one of their eyes seemed to be asking him — is it really the twilight of the gods?

The researcher nodded slowly, his hand trembling as he pointed toward the massive ice pillar before them. He said, "Th-that should be the legendary fire giant that resided in Muspelheim!"

Within that ice pillar, the object that horrified everyone was a giant standing over hundreds of meters tall. This giant was entwined with molten lava, and surging magma flowed within the ice pillar over its body. The impression it gave was that this terrifying giant was not merely some specimen sealed within the ice, but instead temporarily bound and sealed.

The expert slowly stepped away, both in excitement and respect, but also in fear. He approached the ice pillar and saw that at the bottom of this pillar, there were slabs of ancient stone tablets with runic inscriptions.

As an expert in the study of Norse mythology, this opportunity was the crowning moment of his career.

“Indeed, these inscriptions are undoubtedly from Norse mythology. According to the legend, at the beginning of the world's creation, the region located at the southern end of the Ginnungagap was filled with fire and heat. In the 'Land of Fire' known as Muspelheim, and the 'Land of Mist' called Niflheim, life originated amidst the alternating heat and cold. Ruling over this region was the Fire Giant, Surtr, who was an enemy of the Aesir gods. When the Twilight of the Gods arrives, he will stride across the Rainbow Bridge and kill the Norse deities!”

The expert murmured the legends as if he were expressing his dreams.

When Gui Bin heard him talk about the ‘Land of Fire’ and the ‘Land of Mist’, for some reason the first thing that came to mind was actually 'Naruto'.

‘Damn, I’v

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