Chapter 579 - Twilight of the Gods
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 579 - Twilight of the Gods

“This… this is too amazing! Not only is the gravity reversed inside the water, but there is no resistance whatsoever. Anyone in the water can fly, breathe, and even speak!”

“In this water, it's as if the spatial range is expanded, greatly increasing the living land area for people. Regardless of whether this is Atlantis or not, since we can breathe and communicate here, it means that the reason for this civilization to live underwater is not because they are an underwater race that lives like fish, but because this way of life is extremely space-efficient.”

Many experts 'swam' in the water, shocked.

Instead of swimming, they were actually flying or walking.

“It turns out that the water functions like this. It’s really a method that modern humans would want to increase the living land area, but it’s a method that we simply can’t learn.”

Modern humans live on the Earth's surface, which is actually quite small in comparison to the vast oceans and the skies above. Urban centers in particular were very crowded, with many governments trying to find ways to reduce the pressure of so many humans living densely. However, this “city" seemed to have already achieved this goal, and even done it better. Its inhabitants lived underwater, effectively utilizing the untapped space on Earth, providing a broader living area for their activities.

This civilization could be said to have already conquered the seas, thus greatly increasing the living space of this nation. Moreover, the resources under the sea were even richer than those on the land. One could only imagine how developed this nation really was.

The soldiers leading the expedition were speechless. Even if they were professionally trained, nothing could have ever prepared them for this kind of shock.

“Should we split up and search individually or all together?”

The major stopped and asked the crowd behind him.

The experts were just about to open their mouths and say to split up and search separately so that they could better gather information, but before the words

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