Chapter 474 - The Bloodline of Human And Dragon
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 474 - The Bloodline of Human And Dragon

Outside the princess’ chamber, Corwin had been standing for three whole days. Three days ago, he had boldly confessed to the princess and given her traitorous advice, spurring her anger. In the end, Corwin had left her bedroom in shame after being reprimanded.

But he was still the head of the princess’ guards. It was impossible for him to run away from his duties, but the princess had stopped him from coming into her bedroom. As a result, Corwin could only stand outside her bedroom like a sentry.

Although Corwin was puzzled why the princess had not left her room for three days, the princess’ personal maid had told him not to bother, so Corwin did not think too much about it. He only felt that it was better this way. In this chaotic situation, the princess staying in her own bedroom was the safest.

“I don’t know if Her Highness would forgive me… and I even said those words… Will Her Royal Highness agree to my pursuit… or will she think that I am just taking advantage of her?”

Standing under the sunlight, Corwin was in a state of distress. He tilted his head blankly and gazed at the sky. The princess’ voice and smile filled his mind.


Inside the Sleeping Dragon Temple, Princess Andrea had collapsed in the hall. Her white skin flushed with unnatural rose color and stained with white liquid. It was as if she had been immersed in a river, but her body was stained with something sticky that was not water.

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Andrea laid on the floor that was also covered in the same sticky liquid. Her stomach was bulging as if she were pregnant. With violent breathing, her belly slowly became flat once more. Her nose, mouth, eyes, and hair all had Louie’s ‘residue’. This pure princess’ expression was dull as if she had lost consciousness.

It took a long time before Andrea was able to come to her senses. She struggled to prop up her body and sit on the ground. She ignored the liquid that stained her body and only raised her head to look at the figure on the throne in front of he

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