Chapter 38 - The Terror of the Giant Dragon!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 38 - The Terror of the Giant Dragon!

Ahead of their journey, The soldiers had prepared many potent tranquilizers, so potent that they could instantly knock out any large animals.

In most cases, the thin and firm needle, assisted by the kinetic energy of being fired, could easily pierce through the skin of an animal. Once the darts pierced the skin, the residual momentum would inject the tranquilizing agent directly into the target’s bloodstream. In a matter of seconds, even large animals would succumb to a medicated slumber. This was yet another example of human dominance through technology.

Right after the tranquilizers were fired, the captain felt a sense of calm. He knew, rationally, that they would easily pierce the dragon’s scales. And the anesthetic within them could put a herd of elephants to sleep. In fact, he began to worry that they had gone overkill and endangered its life. After all, in high enough amounts, anesthesia could be lethal.

Ding ding ding ding------

Of course, that was far from what happened. From the very beginning, the darts had no chance of piercing Louie’s scales. Rather they stopped dead in their tracks or glanced off when they made contact with him.

The dragon lowered its head and looked at the tranquilizer needles that had fallen to the ground. Its gaze remained emotionless and cruel.

Suddenly, it unfurled its wings again and raised its head. Under the apprehensive stares of the combatants and Professor Johnson, a ball of light crept from its chest to its neck before finally reaching its throat. It opened its mouth, and the next instant spouted golden flames.


The fire swept past the earth, leaving a deep ditch on the ground. It caught the expeditionary force completely by surprise.


There were blood-curdling screams as it swept through the combatants. And even after incinerating them, the tongues of flame surged on, burning everything in their way until the forest behind them had been reduced to ashes.

Three of the soldiers were hit in the face and were cremated instantly. The guns and ot

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