Chapter 31 - Returning to Earth as the Only Magical Creature!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 31 - Returning to Earth as the Only Magical Creature!

In the Holy Cathedral of the Slaine Theocracy...

The building had a large domed roof constructed from stained glass. Countless semi-transparent shards were arranged in intricate patterns, refracting the sun’s rays in a kaleidoscope of colors. Red, green, lilac, and a plethora of other hues combined to create mesmerizing fractals of light and shadow. It created a solemn and yet sanctified atmosphere that could command reverence from all.

Within the building stood numerous statues, each asserting by its presence a historical tale of heroes and saints. Carefully arrayed candles that burned in silence granted the interior an enchanting serenity, and within the center of the church stood four statues, appearing to watch over all things mortal. Beneath each of these statues were countless candles.

In the middle stood a kind-faced old man closing his eyes and muttering prayers.

Suddenly, the candle under the statue of one of the Gods went out, and he let out a sigh.

“So, Abir has fallen…… And without taking the next step too...”

His soft words carried sadness. He lowered his head even more and prayed faster.

“May you ascend to heaven and enter the kingdom of the Gods……”

After a long time, the old man stopped praying and turned around, looking behind him. In the darkest corner of the room stood a solitary figure bathed lightly by the roof’s light and leaning against a stone pillar.

The old man asked, “Who killed Abir? There are not many who can do so with such ease? Could it be that the queen of the Silver Moon Kingdom moved personally?”

The figure pushed itself off the pillar and stood erect. There appeared to be huge wings behind their back. But whether they were clad in feathers or leathery skin, none could tell. Spread open, they revealed nothing but a bubbling, restless and shapeless darkness.

“No. I am always watching the Silver Moon Kingdom. The day she dares step out of it, We will personally make sure she dies. She cannot have slipped by me. I guarantee it.”

It was a female voice filled with endless holiness. She spoke slowly, and her soft tone seemed capable of melting even the most unrepentant criminal into a puddle of contrition.

“If not the queen, then who else could strike thus?” the old man asked, puzzled.

“A dragon. Specifically, a demigod primordial dragon.”

“A demigod...primordial dragon?”, he asked, unable to keep his voice low.

“Indeed. They should all be extinct, but this one, in particular, has been wandering, lost in the starry sky for millennia. I do not know precisely how it arrived on the continent, but it must be related to Carandia.”

The saintly voice rose in volume before continuing in a demonic and bloodthirsty tone, “....... What? Do you need us to go probe the dragon? Tch tch tch, a demigod primordial dragon is a truly inconceivable existence. I am also just as curious.”

The old man quickly collected himself after hearing the explanation. He did not seem bothered by the figure’s strange outburst. He muttered to himself and shook his head, “Although demigods are terrifying, once their divine power is exhausted, it is possible to make them fall. But a demigod primordial dragon with unknown roots should not be provoked. If we waged a full-scale war against it, we would suffer heavy losses. If it was only the dragon we had to worry about then so be it, but I’m worried about our other enemies.”

“The head of the Theocracy’s Holy Iris Knight Order has fallen, Central City has also been lost, and yet you are still able to endure it. Humans are really strange ha ha~~”

The charming voice carried a bit of mockery.

The old man remained undisturbed and spoke with indifference, “...... Glory and shame are but transient things. Only humanity’s future is truly worth stressing over.”

At this time, the church door suddenly opened. A tall woman, as beautiful as a flower, stepped in with her head held high. She wore silver-white light armor covered with monk robes of the same color. When she walked into the church and saw the old man, she kneeled with one knee and spoke with a noble voice, “Your Holiness!”

At the sight of the young girl entering, the bizarre invisible figure had long hidden into the darkness, while the old man looked at the lofty and pure girl and gently said, “......Roselia.”


“Hello, Earth! I’m back again!”

After setting foot on Earth once more, Louie was overcome by a feeling of nostalgia.

The moment he arrived he began to take note of his surroundings. Given the trouble the Intelligent Brain had caused him before, he wanted to make sure he hadn’t teleported to some grossly inadequate location.

Fortunately, what Louie saw was the familiar tropical jungle.

He lowered his head to gaze at the pool of water beneath his feet. As a lizard, he felt that this pool of water was as vast as a lake, but now, to a 10-meter long reptile, it was simply a puddle.

He did not know how long it had been in total since he first became a dragon, but crossing over to the other side and demolishing the army and city only took a day altogether. In this short amount of time, Louie’s life had changed completely.

Sighing, Louie closed his eyes and felt for the differences between Earth and the other world.

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It seemed that while the magic climate of San Soliel was hyperactive, Earth’s was rather inert. If the former world’s magic could be described as a flowing river, then Earth's was a lump of rock.

Earth also had a kind of magic called spiritual power. Given that, there should have been transcendental powers, analogous to San Soliel’s Gods, in existence. But according to the Intelligent Brain, there were no magical creatures on earth. It seemed that the birth of transcendental powers was determined by special energy fluctuations unique to San Soliel.

This special energy belonged to the root of the world, and the lack of that energy on Earth meant that it could not create a real transcendent. It was no wonder, then, that human beings could only find scammers and not a single person with a true command over the supernatural.

“That is to say, I became the only magical creature on Earth? The only one who can use transcendental power?”

Louie’s eyes lit up as he suddenly felt that he could easily do his business on Earth.

Earth’s level of technology was not weak. If it invaded the other world with nuclear bombs, then other than the gods, the people of Earth would be able to annihilate everyone - even those at the legendary rank - easily.

But there were some magical abilities that even the advanced Terrans could not understand, let alone the Earth’s. Given that, the people of Earth would not be able to cope in the face of bizarre magic. This oversight on their part would be key to Louie’s progress.