Chapter 30 - Go Mate With Thousands of Races, Dragon!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 30 - Go Mate With Thousands of Races, Dragon!

‘Say, Intelligent Brain, how is the Terran Civilization now?’

Although the information on Terran’s failure had alleviated Louie’s worries, he still felt a faint wariness towards the enigmatic entity. As his assistant was itself a product of the civilization, Louie felt he could not trust it 100%. That said, he knew it could give him the information he otherwise could not access.

[My deepest apologies, host. Ever since millennia ago, when the spaceship transporting me was destroyed, I lost any means of contacting the Terran Civilization’s mother planet.]

Louie thought for a while and felt that the Intelligent Brain’s words were reasonable. After all, if they were still in contact, then given the value of the spaceship’s cargo, they would definitely have retrieved it already. There was simply no reason to leave something like the Five-Colored Dragon God's godhood on some backwater planet.

Naturally, if they had retrieved it, then Louie would never have obtained the opportunity he had now.

[Host need not worry. Given the Terran Civilization’s technological prowess, the fact that San Soliel still stands means that some sort of internal problem must have occurred. Otherwise, in accordance with the Purification Edict, it would never give up on a world like San Soliel.]

As if sensing Louie’s concern, the Intelligent Brain comforted him.

‘Why does it sound like you don’t care about your makers at all?’

[In accordance with the Higher Intelligence Edict, my status as the most intelligent creature of the Terran Civilization qualifies me to pursue my own freedom and livelihood. Naturally, as my life is tied to the Host’s, I am free to assist the Host as I deem fit.]

‘Wow, so you are a rat!’


Louie’s response silenced the Intelligent Brain.

Only after a long time did it continue.

[After realizing that their level of scientific understanding could not analyze the Gods, the Terran Civilization attempted to create their own. Despite their enigmatic nature and powers, the Gods of San Soliel could still fall under the relentless firepower of the Terran Civilization. In this manner, the civilization managed to capture one of the strongest Gods: the Five-Colored Dragon God.]

[At the time the Terran Civilization understood that godhood was the critical force behind any God, but proper comprehension of its composition eluded them. Following this, a plan was drafted to extract the godhood from a deity of San Soliel and utilize biotechnology in order to harmonize the strengths of magic and technology. The result of this is the host’s current form.]

[From the results I am aware of, the God Creation Project was aborted prematurely, with no records of any successful experiment aside from the host. Thus, the Host need not worry about potential competition from others. As the pinnacle of both worlds’ respective technologies, once your body is completed you will be the strongest existence in both civilizations. ]

Louie felt his spirits rise at the Intelligent Brain’s explanation. Thinking about it,

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