Chapter 20 - O, Great Dragon!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 20 - O, Great Dragon!

Louie descended the jade steps into the underground room. After turning a corner, his eyes were dazzled by the light gleaming off gold, silver, jade, and gem treasures. He also took note of the potent magic power radiating from metals he had never seen before.

The rare metals flashed with colorful lights, but without the dazzle of gold. The gold coins had almost filled up the entire basement. With his 4-meter-long body, the quantity didn’t seem that much, but if he were a human they’d probably form a mountain of glittering brilliance. 

Louie could almost feel his irises turn into dollar symbols. His instinctive greed awoke the desire to jump up and down and roll around in his newfound wealth. Fortunately, his human soul helped suppress the urge.

At this moment, he noticed that there was actually an intruder within the room. It was an old mage wearing unorthodox magical robes. His entire person stank of poverty as he crazily stuffed gold into his pockets, and when he met Louie’s eyes, his face stiffened and he let out a smile that was uglier than crying.


Marches cursed his terrible luck.

He originally wanted to participate in the Theocracy’s decadal invasion so that he could catch a beautiful noble elven girl who he’d then sell to a noble. This way he could make a fortune and recover from his bankruptcy after failing several magical experiments.

Search for the original.

The Theocracy had been invading inhuman enemies for more than hundreds of years now. When facing the powerful races, their battle would only end in skirmishes, but when facing weaker races, they would launch true invasions. In these many years, the Theocracy and other races had been fighting back and forth in low-intensity battles. 

It was because of this lower danger level that a powerful seven ring mage like Marches decided to join the war. He even received preferential treatment from the Holy Iris Knight Commander and enjoyed the worship of some of the low-rank mages.

However, no one could imagine that in this show of strength, the army would actually encounter a primordial dragon that was only mentioned in legends. Moreover, it was a demigod!

Marches knew that the Silver Moon Kingdom’s demigod queen would summon a legendary creature every time there was a war in order to reduce the casualties. In his mind, although such a creature was strong, the legendary rank knight commander would be able to face off against it. So long as he could sneakily kidnap a beautiful elf and then run away, wouldn’t the little risk be worth it?

However, that was not the case in this war without precedent. An actual demigod dragon had appeared, changing the situation completely. Let alone a seven ring mage like him, even the legendary rank warrior was finished off quickly. The dragon could overwhelm a legendary rank warrior with its physique alone.

Just as Marches imagined, the knight commander was killed in two rounds, but fortunately, the commander had provided him enough time to escape the battlefield and retur

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