Chapter 19 - Goal: Become A God
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 19 - Goal: Become A God

Dragon City, which had been forcibly renamed by Louie, became quiet. The civilians who had yet to escape had deathly expressions, and after hearing Louie’s announcement, they clutched their valuables in fear and consternation. 

In this eerie silence, the children’s cries were clear. Parents quickly covered the children’s mouths, shivering for fear of attracting attention.

Some of the mercenaries in the city were also at a loss. They did not know if they should leave or continue to stay.

These battle-hardened mercenaries were bold people. If they heard such words in other places, they would definitely ignore them and prioritize their own safety first, but when the speaker was a demigod dragon, even they had to be careful.

On the contrary, the quickest reaction came from the soldiers guarding the city. They were not elites, and the soldiers led by the Holy Iris Knight Commander were killed cleanly by Louie earlier.

These soldiers had received instructions from the archbishop to evacuate the city. There was not much resistance in their minds, so they dared not escape after hearing Louie’s words.

Dragon City’s prior name of ‘Central City’ was not chosen at random. It was the most important route for many races. To the south was the land of the elves, east was the United Nations of beastmen and humans. To the west were the Empire and the Theocracy. No matter which direction one went, the nearest cities were all equidistant from Dragon City. The roads were also filled with danger, and weaklings would be at great risk of dying in the nearby mountains and forests.

In the past, Dragon City was occupied by the Theocracy and a group of elite soldiers. In addition to the magical barrier and naturally defensible terrain, it was difficult to take the city.

Any force planning a major expedition against the city would be noticed by the Theocracy’s information network quite quickly. It could then send military reinforcements in advance. Using a small-scale force on the other hand meant taking the city became much more difficult.

In a way, Central City was well-fortified. With a legendary rank protector, unless a full-scale war occurred on the main continent, this place was quite safe.

However, the Theocracy could never have imagined that a demigod primordial dragon would pop out of nowhere and tear its defenses apart like paper. It didn’t even take an hour before it took the city, and perhaps the Theocracy had yet to even receive news of its seizing.

If it were just a primordial dragon, the Theocracy would not hesitate to pay the price of retaking the city. If it were a demigod, then it would still bite the bullet and drive it away. But a demigod primordial dragon? The Theocracy would definitely have to think long and hard about its reaction to it.

Even if they could defeat this dragon, the Theocracy would likely exhaust itself completely For a power that was in a supreme position, this would be a stupid decision. Furthermore, let alone the non-human races, the neighboring Empire would devour i

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