Chapter 148 - Cross-Dimensional Faith Experiment
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 148 - Cross-Dimensional Faith Experiment

“Legendary Spell [Legendary Undead Transformation]”

Louie walked towards the center of Tokyo with his hands behind his back. His eyes were slightly narrowed as he activated another spell.

“One more time and this stage play will be over. This way, no matter how skeptical people are, they would have to believe in the possibility of superhumans… and in the reappearance of the mysteries.”

“Since they cannot explain the mystery, The governments of the world would likely treat me quite well in order to have me share any knowledge and information.”

Louie wasn’t a warmonger, nor was he a patriot. He had no interest in fighting and dying for any country. As a dragon who had already gained the power to become a god, he would not let himself be controlled by any power. On the contrary, his goal was to override the state institutions.

He was a complete egoist who would turn anything into his own benefit.

Common sense dictated that China could not be the only country that would have people with supernatural powers. For example, in Japan, there should be shrine maidens and onmyoujis. In Europe, there would be witches, vampires, wizards, angels, demons, and so on. These things should also exist, and Louie would definitely prepare them.

The only reason why he appeared as a Chinese this time was that he was previously Chinese. He let the first superhuman be a Chinese as a repayment for his past life.

Louie wanted to leave behind the idea that true superhumans did not belong to any single country.

He was prepared to play different superhumans from around the world to solve different supernatural events. He wanted to give the world the impression that superhumans also had their own groups. This group’s power would prevent the countries from coveting and waging a war against these superhumans.

Secondly, Louie was trying to do a cross-dimensional faith experiment. Else, there was no reason why he would have to exert this much effort just to cause chaos. He could just control the human race by secretly controlling the heads of each country. This was the simplest way to rule the world.

But this would only give him the kingly right rather than the divine right.

As a result, to obtain that divine right, he had to show signs of the divine coming down.


Tokyo, U.S.-Japan Joint Operations Department

S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Smith and the S.S.S.P. (Science Special Search Party)’s Oshima sat and discussed Tokyo’s situation.

As to why it was called the Science Special Search Party, Oshima felt that the name S.H.I.E.L.D. was too pretentious, so he asked the government if they could rename their department. He did not expect the government to just agree to his request.

‘Doesn’t S.H.I.E.L.D. have Ironman and the Hulk? Well, our S.S.S.P. also has Ultraman!’

Looking at Smith beside him, Oshima’s mood relaxed.

Smith did not know of Oshima’s childish thoughts and just took out a few pictures, “This is the current situation at the core of Tokyo. The deep ones and our forces are in a stalemate. No one is able to take another step forward.”

Oshima looked over the photos one by one and nodded his head, “These deep ones seem to also be at a loss. It’s amazing how they don’t kill discriminately and only kill those who resisted. The rest of the people were just kidnapped and gathered in one place. This behavior of theirs is a blessing. I don’t know how many people would have died otherwise.”

“But this unknown behavior is also what makes them more dangerous.”

Smith and Oshima looked at each other with serious faces.

They didn’t know what the deep ones were doing, capturing this many humans. Could they be hostages or were they sacrifices!?

In the records, deep ones were a savage race that performed brutal blood sacrifices. What they were doing at the moment was definitely the same as preparing the sacrifices.

“This is the report from Haneda Airport. As expected, with the appearance of these evil monsters, there are also those among humans who have mastered supernatural abilities.”

Smith handed the report to Oshima and frowned, “This old man should be Chinese. Do you think that he will cooperate with the Chinese government?”

This was Smith’s biggest worry. If the Chinese government was the first to grasp the mysteries around the world, the current situation would reshuffle the hierarchy of the world. It might even cause big waves in the world and lead to war!

“According to field intelligence, this old man seems to have no respect for the Chinese government. The Chinese ambassador was also treated with indifference. Looking at the direction he’s going, he’s probably going to help Tokyo deal with the deep ones’ invasion. Honestly, Smith, if you have such strong powers, would you still feel any respect for human laws, morals, and government?”

Oshima countered.

Smith thought for a moment and shook his head, “If a person’s strength is really uncontrollable by the country, then they wouldn't respect it. The basis of a government rule is actually violence. If violence can not stop you, then there is no point.”

Although movies like those from Marvel showed people with extraordinary powers following government orders or even being framed by politicians, this is also done to spread justice and political correctness. In reality, when such a situation occurs, no one could predict the outcome.

“I understand what you mean, Oshima. If an individual had such strong power and no one to hold their reins, then they could just do as they pleased, but we aren’t superhumans and don’t know their way of thinking. So, it’s still important to note that this old man has gotten in contact with the Chinese government.”

“I understand. We will pay close attention. For now, it’s better for us to solve the current crisis. With the strength the old man displayed, he can enter the core area alone, unlike our soldiers who would have to pay with huge casualties just to go in.”

Oshima sighed.

This was truly the gap between those with power and those without. No matter how strong human soldiers were, even if they were equipped with tens of millions of dollars of equipment, individuals could only display a certain level of strength. They couldn’t reach the level of being like Godzilla!

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“Little ones, you do not have to worry about these things at all. Although I do not like Western people, there is a proverb, render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God’s. As far as we are concerned, we have no interest in getting involved in your boring politics.”

“Mortals to mortals and Gods to Gods. As for what is between them is to what is in between them.”

A dry voice suddenly appeared in the command room.

Oshima and Smith flinched. They quickly looked back and were stunned to see an old man in robes appear a few steps behind them.

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