Chapter 147 - The Main Character Appears, the Climax Approaches
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 147 - The Main Character Appears, the Climax Approaches

After a long brainstorming session, the majority accepted the theory of the old man’s origins, and the matter was drawn to a close.

It was human nature to seek answers to mysteries. And if they could lend scientific credence to their theories, then it was all for the better.

After much of the side discussion died down, a member of the meeting asked cautiously, “Sir, can we get in contact with this man?”

Rather than making speculations, it would be better to approach the old man. That would be the best way to do things, and perhaps they might even be able to explore the secrets of the world!

The general shook his head and sighed, “Our ambassador tried to make contact with him, but the old man said that the servants of the evil god were wreaking havoc at the moment. We have to wait for him to destroy the monsters before we can say anything. Since we can’t even try to force him, we have to play our cards carefully.”

“Our military is studying how to get in touch with the target.”

“By definition, the old man is a citizen of the Ming Dynasty or is even one who is not bound by mundane laws. Perhaps the concept of the nation, state or country has little meaning to him.”

The people who heard the general’s words secretly nodded. It was best to hold as few assumptions as possible when meeting the target.

In particular, the general's words were correct. The map of modern China was decided after a brief period of humiliation. In that case, would these superhumans acknowledge the current government? Would they acknowledge the changes in the map? Even if they did not have the concept of a country, with their power, would they even bother with the government?

If they were aggressive, would they use the sword of the previous dynasty to cut down officials of the current dynasty? Even in ancient times, the government had little reason or excuse to engage with the people.

“From this old man’s words, do you have any idea about what he means by the ‘return’?”

The general asked again.

Gui Bin was excited to answer this question, “In some historical records of the country, there are records of demons and monsters before. First of all, regardless of whether these records are true or not, from the current situation, we can see that they likely exist. Even divine beasts and immortals might eventually appear.”

“Could it be that during the pre-Qin era these supernatural beings still had some traces of activity? The reason for their disappearance might be due to what Buddhism called the end of Dharma. Even if we speculate a little we can’t find any proof. It is likely that when the First Emperor burned books during the end of Dharma, he burnt books related to the records of these beings.”

“These people with mysterious powers might not have been able to survive in the open during the end of Dharma so they left this place. We can assume that there are extremely frightening powers in this group of people who could open up new worlds or even go to other planets.”

“Now that the event is over, these people might begin springing up again. From the words of the old man, we can also see that these superhumans aren’t ironclad. There are also many different factions and camps, otherwise, he wouldn’t have called Cthulhu an evil god and opposed it.”

After the general heard Gui Bin speak, he did not say anything and instead praised, “Young people are quite imaginative. What you say might be a possibility. The power these people have shown could not easily be explained by science. It is not necessarily impossible for them to travel the stars. Using science to explain these mysteries seems impossible.”

After his speech, Gui Bin had been anxious, but fortunately, the general did not rebuke him and instead praised his speculation.

But the general’s words also seem to admit that the study of the occult would be beneficial.

Although everything was only speculation, science was about seeking truth from facts. In the absence of evidence, they could only speculate.

But someone spoke out against Gui Bin’s theory, “According to your words, the end of Dharma was when the Qin Dynasty began. But the old man is from the Ming Dynasty which should also still be in the post-Dharma period.”

“Every era, there are some people who are particularly lucky. Maybe this old man was one of those people. He might have found some treasure left over from pre-Qin, allowing him to become a superhuman.”

Gui Bin spoke without thinking. At the same time, he secretly looked down on them, ‘You old people don’t know how to follow the trend. Look at more current novels and you might be able to understand the fate of protagonists as well as what is called plot armor.’

Thinking about plot armor, he thought about the Journey to the West… Gui bin thought that it would be good if it were true. That would mean that he could also become a superhuman!

‘I’m just not sure if I can still cultivate immortality since I’m old.’

He sighed.

“There is no point in speculating wildly. The government will send people to visit famous mountains and rivers as well as blessed places. We will try to find if there are any left over Taoist temples or Buddhist temples. Maybe we can also find superhumans living in seclusion.”

The general’s words ended the conversation while looking at the Toaist Association and the Buddhist Association.

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These people were just ordinary people. The government had already confirmed this. Just think about it, these people were too involved in the mundane world, yet claimed to be practicing Taoism and Buddhism.

The people of the two associations promised to cooperate with the government and search for possible locations of reclusive superhumans.

Louie did not know what was happening in China, but he could imagine that the governments of the world were probably having conversations about him.

He chatted with Ambassador He at the airport. He said all he needed to say and nothing else. Louie did not pay any more attention to the crowd, he exited the airport and headed to the heart of Tokyo.

He walked on the streets with his hands behind his back. The serene atmosphere around him left a contrast with the noisy atmosphere afar.

Louie made a few gestures with his hands and recited a spell.

The main character has now appeared. After activating the spell, the climax was also approaching.

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