Chapter 136 - Tokyo, Undead Apocalypse!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 136 - Tokyo, Undead Apocalypse!


After a few rounds of fire, the former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D was turned into a pile of flesh.

From the moment the two saw the agent transform into a deep one, Oshima and Smith felt a vague sense of foreboding creep upon them. Once Smith’s former partner was subjugated, the pair ran out of the laboratory and brought out everyone else in the room with them. Once outside they peered through the glass windows on the double doors to see what was going on inside.

“FUCK! What the hell is this thing? Its life force is too tenacious!”

Smith looked at the deep one’s remains. Its scattered pieces of flesh were still wriggling. In other words, despite being ripped to shreds, it retained some vitality.

“Put a mouse in!”

Oshima’s face was pale, but he quickly gave his orders.

A pitiful little white mouse was placed inside the chamber. The crowd stared straight at the screen. The next thing they saw was the mouse approaching the deep one’s flesh.

The creature’s flesh seemed to entice the rodent. But once the rodent got close to the remnants of the former agent, the flesh merged into a mouth and chomped down on the mouse. The rodent cried miserably before being taken in.


“What a monster… What a terrifying monster. It’s near impossible to kill.”

The crowd sucked in a breath of cold air as they saw that the deep one wasn’t dead yet. Even if it was torn to shreds, it was still alive!

The first thing Oshima and Smith thought of were bioweapons. If they could develop bioweapons with such vitality, then the world’s warfare would change. If there was a country that did not agree, they could just send tens of thousands of such monsters down. Its terrifying vitality and absolute strength could absolutely wipe out a small country.

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But soon Oshima reacted once more and issued a hoarse roar, “Notify the Prime Minister and have the National Public Safety Commission inform the police force. Tell them to not take things lightly and quickly arrest anyone involved in or performing this ceremony. We have to launch the highest alert. If this monster spreads, then the whole of Tokyo… No, the whole Japan would be finished!”

Smith ignored Oshima’s orders. This was Japan after all, not his country. It was none of his business how they chose to handle things.

If the monster truly increased in numbers, then America would not mind sending some troops to help Japan, but this was mainly to study how to fight this creature. It was also to get more samples and not just to help in humanitarian rescue operations.

Naturally, the Japanese government had to pay them a certain amount. The American government wouldn’t be at any disadvantage in this deal at all.

He sank for a moment and called an expert to discuss what he witnessed. Soon, he gave his orders, “Notify the mainland. Tell the Department of Defense to send some people to check the situation in the following places: Massachusetts coast, Indusmouth, and England’s Volshire coast. In the Lovecraftian records, deep ones are found in these three locations.”

“Whether it is true or not, we must get a hold of their situations. If the cities of this race are truly found in the deep sea, I suggest that the government use weapons of mass destruction to wipe them out.”

“The deep ones are too dangerous.”


In a warehouse on the top floor of a high-rise building, various complex magical patterns were drawn. The magic words that couldn’t be found in any language on Earth were burned on the walls and the ground. The magic power was so dense that it filled the room. It was fortunate that humans of Earth could not sense the flow of magic power, otherwise, Louie would have been discovered while he was releasing legendary spells in the enemy base’s camp.

“The spell structure is complete. The casting materials are also complete. The ritual is progressing smoothly and a connection to Earth’s magic source is complete. Although Earth’s magic is in an inert state, changing to an active state only requires an additional step. Though it takes a little bit more time.”

The corner of Louie’s mouth rose. His inverted pupils flashed with excitement.

This was the first time he was releasing a legendary spell without relying on any cheats. He was only relying on his own understanding of spells.

“I heard that during the Era of Disaster, the Goddess of Magic once created a structured system called the ‘Magic Web’ in the world of San Soliel. This made mages of that era similar to computers. As long as spells were recorded in the magical network, they could be used at any time. Mages only had to learn the structure of spells. They didn’t need to use any magic power at all as the ‘Magic Web’ would help them complete steps.

This increased the number of mages, but not much in terms of the number of legendary mages.

In the Old Ages, mages were like programmers who used the programming language that the Goddess of Magic created to unleash spells. Any mage with little talent could grow up to unleash spells of up to the ninth rank.

But after becoming legendary mages, they weren’t able to cast legendary spells at all. This was because legendary spells were above the Magic Web. In other words, they could not use the programming language created by the Goddess of Magic. What they would need to do was to create their own programming language, which many mages simply did not have the ability to do.

But modern mages were different. Because the Magic Web no longer existed, the requirements for mages became very high. This made mages rare in the San Soliel, but in exchange, each one was extremely skilled compared to their ancient counterparts.

“Very good. I have finished all preparations. Now, let’s begin.

Louie looked solemn. He began to pour his magic power into the legendary spell in front of him.

Normally, dragons couldn’t cast many spells consecutively, but Louie was no ordinary dragon. He was a dragon whose genes had been perfected by the Terran Civilization. It could be said that he was the king of all magical creatures!

“Unfold the spell. Spell formation construction complete. Starting ritual. Start… Legendary spell [Crazed Uprising]!!

Magic power gathered and projected into the sky, forming an etheric magic formation that could not be seen by the human eye. The formation covered the entire Tokyo.

Then a crown appeared in Louie’s hand. He placed the crown at the core of the formation and once again recited, “[Aura of Fear], activate! Borrow the power from the legendary spell formation, [Higher Aura of Fear], activate!”

“Seven ring spell, [Necromantic Control]!”

“Six ring spell, [Mad Warrior], [Transform Undead]!”


“Finally, combining all these spells together is my original legendary spell, [Advanced Undead Apocalypse]!”

After releasing the spell, Louie stumbled on his feet. He immediately leaned back on the wall and gasped for breath. He felt the massive loss of magic power, causing him to feel like a man who had just run thirteen marathons. His whole body felt void of magic power.

“I’m still too weak. Once I’m done here, I’ll go mess around in America to find the other energy source to evolve. At that time, my strength would increase again.

Louie’s eyes shone brightly.

“Next, I just need to enjoy the show.”

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